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    Flux Chair concept designer seating solution folds down flat

    Let’s face it, not every foldable and portable seating solution looks great and more often than not, these lose out on their aesthetics to make up for practicality. That’s what sets the Flux Chair a mile apart from the rest. … Continue reading

  • Foam cabinets that “melt” under heavy loads

    We’ve seen and used storage cabinets made of aluminum, wood and plastic. What we haven’t come across before, is furniture as such made of foam, which is really why Dutch designer Dewi van de Klomp’s soft cabinet project caught our … Continue reading

    The Apple iDesk concept turns an iPad into a huge workstation!

    American technology giant Apple, is known for creating devices that manage to grab eyeballs with their minimalist designs and beautiful edges. Drawing inspiration from these designs, the folks at MacLife decided to create an Apple iDesk concept that turns an … Continue reading

    Tour Table by Gae Aulenti pays tribute to the world of bicycling

    Has bicycling always been on your mind? Do you treat the Tour de France as an annual pilgrimage? Did your world come crashing down when Lance Amstrong finally admitted his mistakes? Well then, this table’s crafted just for you! Designed … Continue reading

    Helios, the outdoor heated lounge seat that keeps you warm

    Is sitting out in the patio a not-so-pleasant experience, thanks to the chilly weather? A design and fabrication studio called Galanter & Jones has the solution for this. The studio has come up with a line of heated outdoor furniture, … Continue reading

    The Floating Dining table requires no magic to “levitate”

    Magic? No. Innovative design? Hell yes! We’ve seen a bunch of cleverly crafted dining tables in our time, but this one surely takes the cherry atop the cake. Called the Floating Dining table, this clever piece of furniture by designer … Continue reading

    Banana-shaped pool table by Cleon Daniel

    Tired of the conventional pool table lathered in green? Give this jolly yellow banana-shaped pool table a try instead! Designed by Cleon Daniel, this banana shaped pool table is inspired by themes of life and the environment. The table was … Continue reading

    Pega WindUp chair charges your smartphone

    Given the fact that we’re huge fans of everything related to design and technology, wind-up mechanisms do interest us too, which is why we simply can’t get enough of this fantastic WindUp Chair that charges up your smartphone as you … Continue reading

    The ‘Waste Less’ Chair turns leftover logs into a comfortable rocking chair

    The Waste Less chair by Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop is an amazing modern chair that utilizes timber offcuts leftover from structural beams. The outer segments of a raw oak log are joined together with simple iron treads. Each position can be … Continue reading

    A secret drawer that doubles up as a shelf!

    Looking for a secret place to store you trinkets, away from the prying eyes of those who share your abode? Look no further! Here’s an innovative piece of furniture that looks like a harmless shelf but cleverly turns into a … Continue reading

    Stackable TetrisCouch is a versatile seating arrangement

    We’ve come across some pretty interesting furniture before, but this one sure steals the show. Designed by Stefano Grasselli, this Italian masterpiece is an unconventional couch unlike any we’ve seen before. Called the TetrisCouch, this furniture concept is inspired by … Continue reading

    Pentaphone, the futuristic phone-booth that blocks external sound

    Looking for the perfect place to make that one important call? Well, the Pentaphone by designer Robert Stadler is an ideal place to block away the sound! This design is built for use in public spaces where people looking for … Continue reading

    Pavel Stejskal’s E-Desk is a sophisticated way to cook

    Our home as we know it will soon transition into a futuristic mix of technology and practicality. With designs pouring onto store shelves regularly, our lives our destined to be a lot easier in the near future. One such design … Continue reading

    Moody Nest, the cocoon that keeps you away from prying eyes

    Privacy is quickly turning into a luxury of sorts in this world we live in. Technology has indeed brought people closer but we’ve also lost out on the time we’d spend in private, by ourselves. Well, there are times when … Continue reading

    Living inside a beer barrel, literally!

    We love beer, so much, that we wouldn’t mind sleeping in a barrel! This is probably why the Beer Barrel Bedroom caught our attention this quickly. Literally a hollowed-out barrel with the insides nestling a bed, this structure was created … Continue reading

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