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    Wavy bookshelf apartment to save space and provide storage

    In Harry Potter we have seen such settings, where the furniture curves and squeezes to adapt to the available space. This new concept is something like that. This modern apartment is designed by French-Brazilian architecture firm Triptyque. In this apartment … Continue reading

  • Oasis outdoor seating

    The oasis – not green, but red and grey and is meant to protect you from the severe weather conditions wherever you live. The concept has solar panels on the roof to generate energy to run the lighting of these … Continue reading

    BRC Designs carves out coffee tables from old computer parts

    BRC Designs have sculpted a coffee table reminiscent of a computer graveyard. This piece of avant-grade furniture is a fully functional coffee table made out of old computer parts, particularly computer towers and circuit boards. A great way to have … Continue reading

    Greg Janky’s gaming furniture series keeps your spine happy

    So you’ve spent gargantuan sum on your home gaming system, complete with blue-ray devices, surround speakers and the latest gaming technology you could find off store shelves. It’s only fair that you give your backside a comfortable and contemporarily designed … Continue reading

    Metallica garden bench

    This is a design for a metal garden bench… and apparently a fan of Metallica – as that is what he is calling it. The bench looks attractive and seems quite futuristic too. The base will be screwed to the … Continue reading

    Shoe Bench design for a cleaner home

    The Shoe Bench is your answer to keep your shoes secured in a neat spot and even sit down and relax after all that work. The designer Christalyn Snyder has used spherical storage tubes in different sizes and set them … Continue reading

    Loook industries unveil Box Sofa and Lounger

    Loook Industries’ two new designs called the Box Sofa and Lounger is extremely attractive. It is just that – a box like seat and sofa and not to mention very colourful, young and bright. This is designed by Ivar Gestranius … Continue reading

    Cowboyish saddle bag chair by Merkeled

    The one thing that can never fail to please is the kind of creativity that is induced into the furniture industry. Portland-based Merkeled has come up with this really unique saddle bag chair that will definitely leash in the western … Continue reading

    Cardboard chair

    This chair is made of 100 per cent sheet cardboard and doesn’t use any adhesive. It looks like a very uncomfortable chair and something that can be used as a punishment seat rather than one for relaxing. It can apparently … Continue reading

    Jack clings on to your coat while climbing the beanstalk, the MagicBeans coat hanger

    You might’ve heard of the Jack and the Beanstalk tale during your childhood. Here’s a coat hanger design reminiscent of that tale designed by Max Battaglia. Called the MagicBeans, this coat hanger is eons away from the usual coat hangers … Continue reading

    Paperclip Armrest

    This could be the answer to all worries while travelling or sitting in a movie hall… this is the Paperclip Armrest. This design is created by James Lee. He made a dual-level armrest used between seats which enable the arms … Continue reading

    Organically cut furniture, the Arboreum

    Well if you just love everything around you with organic shapes, here’s a piece of furniture you’d kill for. Designed by Sarai Noguez, this comfortable furniture has some well cut organic shapes on its canopy inspired top surface. Called the … Continue reading

    Maemei contemporary furniture designs

    Contemporary furniture is so much like abstract, modern art. It is very hard to perceive the real purpose of its existence. However, that doesn’t stop designers to think out (if not leap a mile off) the box. Camiel Weijenberg and … Continue reading

    Loop seats for public areas

    These are perfect for public seats. You can place the Loops anywhere – in a mall, a park, a shopping complex, on the streets – anywhere. It is spherical and can seat people on either side of the loop. It … Continue reading

    A table with a flower vase for a leg, the Flo Table

    A flower vase on a table seems sort of cliché now. The Flo Table sure makes the flower-vase concept old, taken that it integrates a vase as a leg! The leg made of transparent glass is a step away from … Continue reading

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