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    Flexible, electro-luminescent iLamp design

    The possibilities are endless and so are creative ideas. The iLamp by Systemdesignstudio is a flexible reading lamp and by that it literally means it can be twisted and turned around to suit your convenience. It is made of white … Continue reading

  • Futuristic LED lamp

    These are handcrafted LED lamps and come in three models. They look pretty neat and a little scary too as though one of those things from the movie The Ring. Designers of this lamp are the Hoop Pool & Loop. … Continue reading

    Motorcycle shaped toilet seat for more convenience

    Women are known to be very fussy when it comes to using a public loo and if it doesn’t have enough napkins and tissues and toilet rolls, then that’s it. This new concept of a toilet with a difference by … Continue reading

    Matryoshka doll night lamps by Russian designer

    Night lights are interesting as you have so many ideas you can work on with. Russian designer Dima Loginoff has designed this night-light inspired by classical and well known doll Matryoshka. According to Wikipedia – ‘A matryoshka doll, a Babushka … Continue reading

    Eye Lamp that can shine to your tunes

    If this concept becomes a reality, then this item will give you the warm sensation of being watched on your every move. Ok, maybe that will be scary too. The Eye Lamp concept is this metal piece of lamp that … Continue reading

    Rubik’s Lamp diffuses a puzzling light

    It’s the world’s best selling toy and was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, Ernő Rubik. Often dubbed as the Magic Cube, we have seen plenty of inspirations that take on the majestic beauty of the … Continue reading

    Gluttony, a sin that deserves some light

    Source In spite of repeated requests, most of the Food Court staff is quite stingy when asked for extra spoons or forks. The other day, when my son split a fork, and the chow lady refused to replace it! I … Continue reading

    Un-zip the lights

    I don’t know how many of you support my theory that there are two elements that bring out the best in your house: one is the flooring and two- is the lighting. You may own the most exquisite antique furniture … Continue reading

    Riflessi light concept mirrors light via fabric

    Using mirrors and LED fabric, designer Yana Klimava has created the Riflessi light concept. The LED fabric glows while the differently sized mirrors reflect the light, saving on energy and creating alluring light pattern. Mirrors reflect light during daytime, while … Continue reading

    Martyr Lamp may pull the plug on you

    A constant endeavor is to bring to you designs that are quirky and have a sense of humor. Sometimes they are so self-explanatory that you don’t need words to describe them. The Martyr Lamp is one such creation and it … Continue reading

    Give a rat’s tail about this light

    The Rattus Norvegicus Rex has to be the quirkiest design for a chandelier that I have seen in a long time. Fondly called The Brown Rat King, it features porcelain rats hung upside down with red glass berries in their … Continue reading

    Cassius lamp is up for a bout of boxing

    Imagine punching the daylights of a boxing-bag and it see it transcend into a beautiful design for a lamp. Sound to weird and complicated but your heavy arm upper cut could just as well fashion a cool lap that you … Continue reading

    Vitalia blooms with concentration, wilts with deviation

    To sum it all up Vitalia is a friendly machine that “feels” like you, arouses emotions, helps you learn and has many facets. Essentially I have just strung together German designer Ellen Herzog’s description for this wonderful light concept, that … Continue reading

    The Magnetic Lamp is a source of U-light

    The bend in lamp makes you think you are holding a jug-handle without the jug, but in reality it’s a lamp that sticks onto most metallic surfaces. Like magic-tricks that enthralled as kids, the Magnetic Lamp takes inspiration from the … Continue reading

    Torch Lamp is a brilliant IDEA

    Korean designer Jin Woo Han has the distinction of winning the IDEA award for his brilliant Torch Lamp. This hand held torch services as a lamp when placed in the angle bracket meant for it. The design is such that … Continue reading

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