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    Frauhofer teams up with Sennheiser to create ultra flat loudspeakers

    Lovers of ‘slim technology’ will surely fall in love with the new concept ultra-flat speakers from Frauhofer. Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT in Ilmenau, Germany, together with Sennheiser have developed the ultra flat loudspeaker that … Continue reading

  • Lamp series designed by Aleksander Mukomelov are mesmerizing

    Karim Rashid’s object of Skoop has been redesigned by designer Aleksander Mukomelov. The series of lamps were designed for a competition titled- “Replikanty 2008. New age”. The lamps will surely take your breath away with their unique and innovative designs. … Continue reading

    Fall in love with the Humpty Dumpty concept speakers

    Remember Humpty Dumpty? Yes, the same guy who had a great fall. Well, designer Omar Huerta has used the shape of this nursery rhyme character to create his new concept speaker for Altec Lansing. The Humpty Dumpty inspired concept speaker … Continue reading

    Slim&Strong Lamp by Delphine Frey

    Design students these days are breaking all norms and treading unchartered territories to create some of the most unique designs with the most extraordinary materials. The Slim&Strong is a beautiful product of such an endeavor by design graduate Delphine Frey … Continue reading

    Revolver wall light by Frank Schreiner

    I personally love to decorate my home with beautiful and unique lighting pieces. Hence it is no wonder that I have fallen in love with this beautiful Revolver wall light designed by Frank Schreiner. Resembling more like a beautiful flower, … Continue reading

    Tea Pot Light designed by Ralston & Bau

    Ralston & Bau designers hailing from Norway borrowed some inspiration from tea pots and created this unique Tekannelampe lights. Each lamp shade is carefully handcrafted and individually designed to be one of a kind. Not only tea pots but also … Continue reading

    Different lamp designs

    These are three interesting lights. First is the Clutch Light by Scott Jarvie. It is really interesting. What he has done is use hundreds of plastic, striped, drinking straws. It is based on the structural characteristics of a tree. It … Continue reading

    Zoran Sunjic creates unique concept LED handrail system

    Designer Zoran Sunjic from Croatia has created a unique handrail system that will come in handy especially in dark places. A creative concept LED handrail system, it promises to guide people through stairs in the darkness. What is more these … Continue reading

    Document lamp to store your receipts and memos

    We often have our work table scattered with documents, receipts, memos and other paper files not knowing what to do with it. Gabriella Crohn has designed the a table lamp without a lampshade that will entrap documents, receipts, memos and … Continue reading

    Oscar Diaz designs unique Ink Calendar

    I seriously thought the only way to make a calendar stand out would be with extraordinary pictures and fonts. But Spanish designer Oscar Diaz has proved there are more ways to turn a calendar into a piece of art. He … Continue reading

    Traditional ideas on modern lamp

    Korean Jhoongo choi has come up with neat looking lamp now. It is a reinterpretation of the traditional Korean lamps called cha-sa-chorong (makes you wonder if sarongs are Korean, right?) which were illumination devices. There is a base and a … Continue reading

    Spooky Ear hangers for earrings

    These are called ‘ear hangers’ and are designed by Atelier Van Lieshout (that’s a funny name!). It is supposed to be a pair of earrings that can both be worn or displayed as a sculpture. The uniqueness of this design … Continue reading

    Frank Lloyd Wright Lego Architecture collection on display

    I like Lego. It’s so much fun. It’s one thing that appeals to all ages, all castes, all religions, all everything. The Frank Lloyd Wright Lego Architecture collection is an example of why it appeals so much. This collections has … Continue reading

    A chair of sails and ropes to relax

    This is a chair. It is made out of spare sail and some rope. What happened were the designers from KKA – Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture in Sweden once went out sailing in the ocean outside Gothenburg. They then noticed, must … Continue reading

    A car that can fly too

    Ok, now tell me that this is supposed to be a design that we can believe in. A car that can turn into a helicopter… as in a flying car! I am not bluffing, the ZEEP Design showed this car … Continue reading

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