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    Rozetkus 3D power socket hides inside the wall

    I love products that are multifunctional, 3D and compact, considering the houses we live in these days. Due to the space crunch, the need for such products is felt very strongly. Rozetkus 3D is one such device that is a … Continue reading

  • Antennas hangers are a clever idea

    Check out the Antenna hangers from the The Emotion Lab’s Inside Urban Collection. Antennas are essential for almost all forms the entertain we get these days, well digital at least. You will see one on every house and building almost. … Continue reading

    Flower Jar resembles a whale

    I have seen a fair few flower vases in my time. I’ve bought some beautiful ones and been the victim of atrocious gifts that were ugly flower jars. Never have I come across a better flower jar though. It resembles … Continue reading

    ‘SleepBox’ helps catch those 40 winks in dire situations!

    There has been so many times when the flight has got postponed, or when I have missed a train and have had to wait for hours at the airport or the station. Sitting idle on the chair of the waiting … Continue reading

    Now water your plants in Style!

    Stylish and minimal, yet at the same time striking, this innovative watering can design defines being functional, practical and always aesthetically pleasing. With a volume capacity of 1.5 liters, it is made of 18-0 stainless steel with a flexible silicone … Continue reading

    A Spider legged laptop stand is very innovative

    All Spiderman fans can rejoice as they can now rests their beloved laptops on a specially designed arachnoid laoptob stand designed by Duncan Fitsimmons of Vitamins design, London. Called ‘Monster Monster’ this evil aracnoid pedestal for your laptop look really … Continue reading

    Bless You Lamp to ward off creatures of the night

    Where was this lamp when it was Halloween? I needed something to ward off all the vampires, ghouls, witches and other creatures of the dark. BLESS YOU LAMP by Dima Loginoff, a Russian designer is really cool and different. It … Continue reading

    ‘Light Handrail’ shows way in the dark

    Making the most of the least is always an admirable quality. Zhi-Jie Liu and Si-Jie Wang have done just that! Who would have ever imagined a simply daily used thing like a hand rail can undergo a modification like the … Continue reading

    New-Generation Tap by Fima for modern bathrooms

    Taps don’t usually interest me, but this one is a different story. It is indeed a revolutionary tap by Italian company Fima Carlo Frattini that was introduced. It’s introduction says, ‘Nomos is an exclusive project, developed thanks to the company’s … Continue reading

    Miranda Watkins uses Cantilever’ concept for a flower vase

    Innovation in designs and structures consider only sky to be the limit. Miranda Watkins does just that and has come up with a cantilever vase made of stainless steel and glass which looks very classy. A cantilever is a beam … Continue reading

    Irnia Alexandru designs a closet as stylish as your clothes

    The problem of space has long since been like a spoke in the wheel when it comes to accommodating all our clothes in the wardrobe. Not only are we hassled with the space crunch due to the apartment styled houses, … Continue reading

    Bas van der Veer’s ‘Drop of Water’ and ‘Bioplastic Planter’

    Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Bas van der Veer has won the prize for best project at the school’s Graduation Galleries exhibition, which opened in Eindhoven yesterday. His designs were the ultra chic and uber cool integrated watering can and a … Continue reading

    Olga Kalugina’s FlowerEye lets you watch the root system as your plant grows!

    Now your curiosity finally gets an answer with Olga Kalugina’s latest design concept that allows you to see the root system of your house plant. ‘Flower Eye’ as it’s called is an extremely interesting planter that identifies the humidity of … Continue reading

    Ana Chillida’s ‘Glow as you Grow’ Planter

    As proven, plants have life too. So now you can let them see the light around them with Ana Chillida’s new concept named as ‘Planting Lamps’ wherein you can light a lamp or a bulb between a plant. As in … Continue reading

    Marcus Tremonto’s new collection makes magic with lights!

    Marcus Tremonto brings to us an almost surreal use of light as material and form as ‘Looplight’ at Fumi Gallery. Looplight integrates electroluminescent electronic paper as its light source, while still incorporating the simplicity of the material. It gives us … Continue reading

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