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    Dandelion lights that work on gentle touch technology

    Flowers have inspired quite a few lamps and lampshades because of their gentle and delicate beauty. Wafting in the meadows and pastures under the summer sun is the Dandelion which looks more than happy to spread its seeds and legacy. … Continue reading

  • Diffusion Lamp makes use of waste paper

    Re-use and Recycle is the mantra of this generation. Hence we see new designs that encourage use of waste. CJCDesign along with Thomas Mascall have recycled waste paper into a beautiful functional piece of art. The designers have reused waste … Continue reading

    Rambler Socket for your wall

    You can now move your vacuum cleaner around the house without the fear of having it unplugged with the newly designed Rambler Socket. As the name suggests, you can actually ramble around with the socket tailing behind you. Extension cords … Continue reading

    Count your trash with ‘Share Trash Can’

    It’s amazing sometimes how people come up with these really interesting ideas. That’s one reason why I love writing about concepts, because even if these aren’t practical, they tell you how creative a person can get even if the product … Continue reading

    Ewa Garniec Cube Lamp changes shape

    Polish designer Ewa Garniec has created the very unique and clever Cube Lamp. This lamp is great for people who get bored easily and need variety. You can’t keep throwing out a lamp because it’s become oh so boring, but … Continue reading

    In lamp inspired by living organisms

    Thourghly inspired by soul and living organisms , designer Katherine Semenko sucessfully attempted to develop a unique lamp concept ‘In lamp’. Resembling a lizard skin patterning, with the light emanating from the reverse side, In lamp is polished and intelligent … Continue reading

    Green light by BYTR

    A green and clean neighborhood is always favored and appreciated. One of the greenest and most beautiful cities in Netherlands, Eindhoven has taken a step forward in taking its residents closer to nature. Suspended foliage in public spaces in an … Continue reading

    Re Light- The Fabric Lightbulb

    Designed by Giada Dammacco from Italy, and inspired by space technology, Re Light is the first fabric Light bulb. It is a soft lightweight cloth which is foldable, durable and it shines. It’s a new idea for a light source … Continue reading

    Escala- The Floor Lamp

    Baita Design has conceptualized a floor lamp named Escala. When occasion demands, besides retaining its original identity, Escala can be easily converted into 4 sleek stools. In today’s times when home appliances and furniture fight for space in box like … Continue reading

    Pinch Me! Light

    Bored of conventional dimmer lights? Ji Young Shon in collaboration with Won Seok Jung (Physical Computing Engineering) has conceptualized Pinch Me! Light. Here you control the intensity of the light just by physically pinching on the light cover. The cover … Continue reading

    Eleclip is the new age Extension Cord

    When the extension cords were introduced, my grandmom and mom were was thrilled and jumping with joy. But for the generation X, there obviously is a need for a product to match the sophistication and maturity of the Gen X. … Continue reading

    ElecTree creates art out of your wires

    Lately everything is turning wireless and I am kind of beginning to miss the mess created by all those wires. So I think I’ll avoid going completely wireless for a little longer. This ElecTree-Alternative extension cord design, 2009 creates art … Continue reading

    Holland by night is a geography lesson in a lamp

    One of my good friends is moving to Holland soon, so anything related to this country has me a little fascinated. Davis Grass has designed this wonderful lamp that derives its inspiration from ght emissions from the Netherlands. It is … Continue reading

    Unique shaped night lamp for kids by Nicolas Kedzierski

    I still can’t sleep without a night lamp; imagine the little kids who are anyway more prone to getting scared in the night. Nicolas Kedzierski has designed this very innovative night light for the kids. With the color being lime … Continue reading

    UrbanBuds lets a garden burst out of your suitcase

    I’ve never heard of suitcases carrying plants, but there’s always a first. Gionata Gatto, an Italian designer based in the Netherlands, has soiled and seeded suitcases and such for gardening on the go. This project labeled UrbanBuds is rather unique … Continue reading

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