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    Light Tree by Omar Huerta

    Here is one street lamp that will get the seal of every environmentalist. Christened the Light Tree, this solar powered lamp is not just a technological genius but a design beauty as well. Entirely powered by renewable energy, its design … Continue reading

  • 360° Ceiling Lamp jazzes up your living space

    Innovation in our living space is all about juggling with materials and kinky designs that could do wonders to the way we look and manage things. Check out this unique lamp named 360° Ceiling Lamp. Made out of white plastic … Continue reading

    Mirror ironing board closet doubles as a lamp

    Konzept Design has developed, the “Mirror ironing board closet” and it is the brain child of Nils Wodzak. It’s extremely convenient for those who do their laundry at home. It’s a complete package that includes all your ironing equipments, including … Continue reading

    ‘Favorite Things’ lamp displays your favorites

    At Stockholm Furniture Fair the Scandinavian-Asian design company Chen Karlsson showcased this very interesting lamp called ‘Favorite Things’ Te lamp allows you to display you favorite things in it while it is illuminated. The design is mainly meant to spotlight … Continue reading

    Color Changing Wall concept is amazing

    With the progress and advancement of science and technology nothing is impossible anymore. For all you folks who wish they could paint their walls every season or according to different occasions, here is the next best thing. A color changing … Continue reading

    Clothesline Clip has just got a makeover!

    Upgradation in the basic daily use products are always welcome, but more often than not there is not much scope of working around the functionality. The least a designer can do is work around the design a bit. And this … Continue reading

    ‘Guardian’ is an easy-to-use fire extinguisher

    Every home has a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. But how many of us actually know the right way of using it? I’m sure the complicated instructions make it a tad difficult to use it by the common man. The … Continue reading

    Another Bathroom concept by Felipe Ribon

    When it comes to bathroom fittings, hygiene is my top most priority. That is why I have loved the Another Bathroom design concept by Felipe Ribon. The unique Another Bathroom concept features a series of textile basins and a line … Continue reading

    A kettle that can pour without having to lift it

    No matter what innovations we come up with in simplest of everyday appliances and devices in life, we more often than not tend to ignore those who may not be able to use the product like the majority of the … Continue reading

    Smart storage of water dispenser

    Nowadays everyone uses water from the water dispenser. After the after form it is used up, it has to be returned to the water company for refilling purposes. The space that many of these dispensers occupy while transportation is too … Continue reading

    ‘Forget-Me-not’ convenient umbrella

    Imagine a rainy afternoon when you’re rushing past to reach the coffee shop to catch up with your friends, and you’ll chat and chat and then get up and leave when it’s evening. Everything goes well, except for the fact … Continue reading

    Vertical Rainbow Spectacle to titivate Guggenheim Museum’s Rotunda

    The Guggenheim building in New York has been a central forum for artists and architects to showcase their eccentric designs for years now. For the occasion of the Guggenheim’s 50th anniversary, 200 architects, designers and architects have been invited for … Continue reading

    Ambient lamp made by recycling the washing machine drum

    As I always say innovation if the best thing a person can come up with. This time it is this pretty looking lamp which emits a beautiful soft ambient light from the top and the holes on the sides. But … Continue reading

    KUO: Concept table lamp

    At first glance, you might mistake the KUO to be a bottle but on a further look, you will realize that the KUO is a beautiful table lamp. A unique concept lamp from Kenyo-Deco, it adds a unique ouch to … Continue reading

    Extension cord has just gone shorter with Cute Cube

    Extension cords as we have long known them have a new name for it now- Cute Cube. This cute cube has 6 sockets in the form of a cube. It is a Red Dot Design Award-winning concept that makes life … Continue reading

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