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    Lightleafs: Concept illuminated OLED bookmark

    Being a book worm, I know how hard it is to put down a book. You just don’t feel like putting the book down till you devour the last few pages. But many factors can play a spoil sport and … Continue reading

  • Carnovsky Design Studio creates wallpaper that changes in different colored lights

    I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely don’t think its fun or cool to sleep in a room with spooky skeleton images. For all those who think otherwise, Italian design studio Carnovsky latest creation is definitely for you. … Continue reading

    Form Z_01: Multi-functional unit for small homes

    As peoples space woes increase, designers work hard in presenting the most space efficient furniture solutions. The recent attempt to solve the modern compact home’s space woes, has been made by designer Yuzbashev. The designer’s furniture solution is dubbed the … Continue reading

    Ballerine Bathtub by Gustaw Lange

    Ballerine Bathtub is an artistic blend of a single bathtub and a free standing shower cabin. On the one hand we have a regular bathtub and on the other hand we have a design which is delicate and subtle like … Continue reading

    Sub -Tube: Concept Whirlpool bath & Washbasin unit

    With the size of homes shrinking, it is no longer possible to indulge in large furniture pieces and fittings. The new compact homes need compact multi-purpose furnishings. For all those living in such compact homes, the idea of getting a … Continue reading

    Space: Hanging bathroom

    Offering a new space age solution to bathroom designs is designer Ewa Garniec. Unlike today’s bathrooms, the Space is a unique bathing space that hangs in mid air like a swing. This concept hanging structure is made from a silicone … Continue reading

    Lifewall tiles: Watch your building come alive

    Lifewall tiles are a unique tile concept evolved by Spanish ceramic tile company Ceracasa with Emilio Llobat of Maqla Architects and Azahar Energy. This concept tile system makes use of drip-water irrigation for water efficiency and can support a variety … Continue reading

    The ec-O bench, self sustained and green

    A lot of us use street benches to rest our tired legs after a long day of work or shopping or simply to enjoy the ambience of our local parks. Well, here’s a bench with a difference. It somewhat resembles … Continue reading

    Lightleafs might eliminate flashlights!

    Flashlights are a thing of the past. When we’ve made so much progress, why stick to these stone age gadgets? Plus, they are way too bulky. Now we have been introduced to Lightleafs. They are as thin as pages of … Continue reading

    Alphabet City Lights- A unique lamppost

    JDS Architects have designed a unique street lamp for Italian brand Ewo that not only lights up the place but also looks different. It allows light to escape through perforations in its stem, thereby creating a different look for the … Continue reading

    Viking Valet from INSILVIS looks great

    Usually valets are so old fashioned and boring that I really couldn’t be bothered with them. Then along comes a rare one like the Viking Valet from INSILVIS. It’s extremely contemporary with a minimalistic design. I’m floored looking at it … Continue reading

    Light Tree also supports real greenery

    Light tree is a fusion of technology with nature. Designed by Omar Ivan Huerta Cardoso it is a light emitting tree, that also supports real greenery. It uses a highly efficient 3-dimentional nanotube solarcell for visible and UV light. It … Continue reading

    Lamp designed by Jonathan Rowell is sober and pleasant

    A lamp shade could make a major difference to the overall ambience of the room. If not chosen prudently, it could ruin the entire look of the room, including its surrounding accessories. This simple yet elegant lampshade design by Jonathan … Continue reading

    Design for Patient Dignity- BedPod Concept

    Design for Patient Dignity is an initiative between the UK’s Department of Health and the UK’s Design Council. It brings together designers, manufacturers, healthcare experts, staff and patients to design a variety of solutions to enhance and promote privacy and … Continue reading

    Nissyoku: Concept lamp inspired by solar eclipse

    The concept lamp, Nissyoku from igendesign is one beautiful creation. Working on “magnetic” mechanism, this unique lamp will make for the most amazing bedside light source. Inspired by the solar eclipse, this lamp is truly breath taking. The magnet is … Continue reading

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