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    Nello hanging mirror

    Here is a limited edition mirror called Nello. It is designed by paris-based Caroline Ziegler. It feature two polished stainless steel disks, sandwhich lacquered wood which are suspended by a rubber rope running from a metal tubing frame. The real … Continue reading

  • Tron-inspired rotatable ring lamp

    Tron is making so much news these days that all young inventors are focusing their energy on creating Tron-based designs. For instance, this Tron lamp by Italian designer and illustrator Loris Bottello, which looks pretty interesting actually. This lamp is … Continue reading

    Lighting up the staircase, the Spiers + Major way

    Here’s what you get when Spiers + Major set out to light up a staircase. Invited to light up the Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland’s top historic art venue, Spiers + Major were faced with the challenge of lighting up the … Continue reading

    Munkii unveils Lamp 45 lighting design concept

    Lamp 45 is a new lighting design concept from Munkii. Sure to make for an interesting lamp, the Lamp 45 attracts your attention with its unique design. The aluminum lamp stalk is engineered with laser-cut technology while the shade basket … Continue reading

    Shed some light with tea-time crockery inspired lamps

    Ever wondered just how illuminating a cup of tea could be? Well, maybe sipping on one doesn’t really shed too much light, switching this awesome lamp collection by Original BTC does shed a glow though! This lighting design is basically … Continue reading

    The Bathtub Folder, a table and a seat for your bathtub

    There might have been times, in your bathtub, when you’d have just loved a table surface nearby to place that refreshing glass of your suited beverage. You could now use the Bathtub Folder, a contraption by Jihoon Shin that turns … Continue reading

    Twin self-supporting glass staircase from Faraone

    I hate stepping on those glass staircases. Although they are strong and built to sustain heavy weights, I just don’t feel safe climbing on them. So imagine my fright when I came across the Twin self-supporting glass staircase from Italian … Continue reading

    Corner Candles by Justin Johnson fit into your room’s nooks and edges

    Dark corners will be a thing of the past now. You certainly don’t need to fear what’s lurking in the shadows spread across the corner of your room, where the light never usually reaches. And that’s if you’re using Justin … Continue reading

    Photosynthesis: Concept Relief Product by Yaser Banjar

    The Photosynthesis is a unique concept by designer Yaser Banjar. Deeming it as a relief product, the Photosynthesis is a multi-purpose structure that can be used to hang clothes, keep a plant and a light as well. The main aim … Continue reading

    Bolt on Solar Street Lamp by Bryson Lovett

    Designer Bryson Lovett has come with the unique concept of Bolt on Solar Street Lamp. His concept involves placing integrated Solar Tiles on existing street lamps. The tiles bolt on to the existing street lamps easily and require minimal modification. … Continue reading

    The illusionist, Mirror Wall

    Been walking into walls recently? Well, here’s yet another one you can one right up to and crash into. More like a trick Roadrunner would play on Wile E Coyote in the Looney Tunes Show. The Mirror Wall is basically … Continue reading

    “Bucky” pendant light, table lamp and floor lamp

    These day’s you are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying a lighting fixture for your home. But if you like contemporary designs, I recommend you opt for the unique Bucky lamp designed by Studio Lagranja for Pallucco. Unveiled … Continue reading

    Andromeda Lamp by Ross Lovegrove

    Lighting fixtures can transform the appearance of any room. Take for instance this unique lamp by London designer Ross Lovegrove. Christened the Andromeda, it has been made for Japanese lighting brand Yamagiwa. The LED pendant lamp with its innovative design … Continue reading

    ‘Six-Forty by Four-Eighty’ light installation wins accolades at Design Miami Basel

    There is something about a display of lights that makes you stop and notice. Counting on this moth-like tendency of humans to be attracted to a display of lights, MIT Media Lab research students Jamie Zigelbaum and Marcelo Coehlo have … Continue reading

    Tesla: Beautiful split-open lamp collection by Kranen/Gille

    The Tesla is a unique collection of split-open lamps that will be presented at design Miami/Basel. The most perfect lighting and décor option for the contemporary homes, these split-open lamps promise to light up your home in the most unique … Continue reading

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