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    Buzzihood concept provides privacy as you answer mobile phone calls

    We all despise the occasional nosey colleague who occasionally tries to listen in to your telephonic conversations at work, or the curious bystander who pretty much does the same at public spaces. To give you a bit of privacy from … Continue reading

  • Soundbulb concept entwines lights and sounds

    Designer Hoang decided to tease human senses with lightbulbs, enabling them to tickle our ears too, chiseling out the fantastic and completely out-of-the-box Soundbulb design. Like the name speaks aloud, these “bulb” inspired speakers light up, and play them tunes … Continue reading

    Crunch coat hanger doubles up as a money-bank for coins!

    While hanging up trousers and jeans, coins tend to slip out of pockets and fall around. Designer Trevor Vaugh has come up with an interesting hanger and money-box combined that keeps your coins in place. Called the Crunch, this little … Continue reading

    Modern-styled fire-extinguisher moves away from cylindrical design

    Fire-extinguishers don’t necessarily need to be an eyesore and designer Lilian Kong just proved that! Designed for modern theaters and similar contemporary architectural designs, this fire extinguisher is simply prettier and looks more high-tech than the usual fire-extinguishers we have … Continue reading

    Jake Dyson’s Motorlight Wall Lighting System uses remote control

    Looking for a perfect way to light up your wall? We just came across this splendid lighting solution by Jake Dyson. Called the Motorlight Wall Lighting System, these lights are wirelessly controlled and can be mounted easily enough on your … Continue reading

    Philips designs Bio-Light, lighting solutions that generate energy from bacteria

    Move aside energy efficient LEDs. We’ve just stumbled across lighting fixtures that don’t really need grid connections whatsoever! Instead, these lights use bacteria to light up! Dutch electronic bigshot Philips has come up with the Bio-Light concept, a lighting solution … Continue reading

    Squeeze light by Jordy Rooijakkers

    Jordy Rooijakkers has designed this squeeze light, which is developed from textiles, that is soft and flexible and can light up by the integrated LED’s. When slight pressure is applied, the fabric lights up. Hence the name squeeze light is … Continue reading

    Ribbed Tape Rolls makes using tape a piece of cake!

    There are designs that simply blow your mind to smithereens, and then there are designs that make you feel silly, leaving you wondering just why they haven’t shown up on market shelves yet! Take this ribbed tape roll design for … Continue reading

    Piano Light Switch, illuminated switch for your night light

    Most of us have probably knocked the night lamp of the bedside table while looking for its switch to turn it on. Designer David dos Santos has come up with a pretty interesting way to help you switch your night … Continue reading

    LEGO inspired lamps by Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari, a playfully illuminated touch

    Italians are great designers, without doubt. And we weren’t surprised when Italian designers Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari put their creative heads together to conceive these smart and elegant lamps that somehow manage to stay cheerful and sophisticated, at … Continue reading

    Book lovers’ haven

    People who make the effort to do this kind of work must be applauded! What a brilliant idea and so creative too – not to forget thoughtful. This furniture is apparently designed and built for book nerds and it is … Continue reading

    Shark Pendant Lamp for the sea lover

    Imagine having a huge shark kept upside down in your living room – a lifeless one. Wouldn’t it spook you out? Well if you answered in the negative, then this should be your next Christmas gift. The Shark Pendant Lamp, … Continue reading

    dAudi Lamp concept for interiors

    The Audi Lamps are lamps for interiors. They look classy and stylish and not to mention elegant, like the car’s reputation. The long stand will be ideal for a contemporary and modern home setting and to highlight the Audi feel, … Continue reading

    Swings with messages of peace and light, Meryl Pataky’s Playground Love

    A light show or a playground, we just couldn’t figure out what to make of this one at first. We realized a blend of the both could indeed throw up something beautiful, just like Meryl Pataky’s project, Playground Love. Using … Continue reading

    Drop outdoor lighting lamp

    Designed by Belorussian design studio Solovyov Design, the Drop outdoor lighting lamp looks like alien beings keeping a watch on humans. It is made of cast aluminium and is comes in two heights. It is not clear where this can … Continue reading

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