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    Lucy Mirror follows the sun and reflects sunlight

    There have been myths about how sunflowers follow the movement of the sun. While some agree that the leaves do portray some photosensitive functions, it is really disappointing to not have something that keeps staring at the sun. So, we … Continue reading

  • Biopod ads comfort and better hygiene to portable toilets

    The 1940s saw the dawn of portable toilets that have serviced mankind unfailingly. Cassie Stepanek has however revolutionalized the design of this classic pooper by making it look a lot more 2015. With a study on the user group and … Continue reading

    Heimplanet creates a camping tent attachable to the Audi Q3

    Not a lot of people hate camping. Those who do probably hate it because of all the logistical preparations that goes into planning the perfect trip. However, with innovations like these, things do get a lot simpler, particularly if the … Continue reading

    Tribe Studio helps store bicycles in a Sydney home’s ceiling

    One of the great things of owning a bicycle is the fact that parking that darned contraption isn’t half as difficult as parking a gas-guzzling V6. Keeping this in mind, Australian architects Tribe Studio managed to use the atrium of … Continue reading

    Baobed cocoon-shaped treehouse is designed to be hung from trees

    Why settle for and in the ordinary when you can have something extremely out-of-this-world and breathtaking instead, right? Here’s an unconventional way to lay back and relax, called the Baobed treehouse. Shaped like a cocoon, this concept treehouse can be … Continue reading

    Voila! This pool by Agor Creative Engineering can be made to vanish!

    No, you don’t need to be David Copperfield or Chris Angel to make an entire swimming pool vanish, so long as you’ve got technology on your side. Israel-based Agor Creative Engineering came up with this one-of-a-kind pool that can literally … Continue reading

    Klemens Torggler door mechanism opens and closed like folding a paper

    This sweeping reinvention of a door by Klemens Torggler Australian designer is based on folding and twisting system to collapse and roll to one side. The four-panel prototype flips out of the way to open, and flips back to close. … Continue reading

    Pedal-powered micro-homes, the Tricycle House concept

    RVs aren’t the only way to live on-the-go! The People’s Architecture Office (PAO) and the People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO) together came up with this one-of-a-kind concept, a Tricycle House and Tricycle Garden! Both components of a mobile microhome by … Continue reading

    Space Bar Desk Organizer keeps your workstation clutter free

    Tired of beating your way through a messy desktop? Designer Michael Cavada’s latest innovation makes life easier for those who spent particularly longer hours at their workstations! Called the Space Bar Desk Organizer, this concept helps reduce the clutter and … Continue reading

    Giant plugs protect subway systems from flooding

    Nothing stops the flow of water from faucets better than a soaking plug. Keeping that concept in mind, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has come up with a colossal plug that could be used to stop water from entering the subway … Continue reading

    Project Call Parade, turning phone booths into fish-tanks in Japan

    And if you’ve been under the impression that phone-booths are just a place to hide away from the world and make a personal phone-call, think again! The Japanese have transformed their regular phone-booths into full-fledged public fish-tank. Given the fact … Continue reading

    Cost-friendly wind turbine towers to be made from wood

    In what seems to be a cost effective solution from German engineering firm TimberTower, wood based turbine towers could pave the way for all future towers. First, a 100-meter wood tower would be 300 tons lighter compared to its steel … Continue reading

    Star Trek-themed home-theater setup makes your home geeky and futuristic

    Electronics System Consultants recently pulled the veil off a one-of-a-kind Star Trek-themed home theater that’s bound to have just about any fan who spends his day dreaming about inter-galactic wars drooling. Sporting electronically controlled sliding doors, an intelligent concert-type lighting … Continue reading

    Capsule Lamp allows users to display trinkets and memorabilia

    Lamps and lighting fixtures don’t necessarily need to be dull and boring. Take Hong Kong-based Design Systems ltd’s Capsule Lamp for example. Sporting transparent spheres placed cleverly, this one was originally created for Actif children’s wear brand and enables users … Continue reading

    Donbracht’s horizontal shower helps you relax and unwind

    A shower cubicle is one of those places in your home where one can relax and spend some solitary time. The most of us are lost in thought while bathing beneath a shower, as the water trickles down our skin … Continue reading

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