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    Create a Feeling of Luxury in your Bathroom with a Freestanding Bath

    There are two kinds of people: those who enjoy baths, and those who enjoy showers. For people who love baths, choosing the type of tub is a major decision. There are simply too many options to choose from. One example … Continue reading

  • Walk above the world at Aiguille du Midi’s breathtaking glass-cabin installation

    Ever wondered what it’d feel like to walk on air, high above the world and in the skies? Tourists visiting the Aiguille du Midi peak, or Needle of the South, can now nearly experience the same, thanks to an installation … Continue reading

    The Living Staircase sports live plants growing on its banisters

    Adding a creative touch to a docile staircase isn’t easy, particularly because of that fact that these structures can completely lose out on practicality if design modifications are over-done. However, this staircase we spotted is a mile apart from the … Continue reading

    Suburbia, the wall-based storage unit that represents a town!

    Looking for the perfect place to store all of your knick-knacks? Behold the Suburbia! A modern wall storage unit, this piece was designed by Note Design Studio for the Milan Design Week and was crafted for Seletti. The Suburbia is … Continue reading

    Braille Staircase Handrail makes ascending and descending stairs easier for the blind

    There are designs that we come across on a daily basis that make living life a lot easier. One such concept we spotted recently was the Braille Staircase Handrail designed by Zhou Wenqiang, Bao Haimo, Jin Zhixun, Li Meiyan and … Continue reading

    Dream & Fly offers travellers sleeping cubicles at airports

    Ever wondered how to spend your time during those long layovers? Stepping into restaurants and bars to grab a bite or a drink is one option. But if you have a layover of 10 hours without a transit visa to … Continue reading

    Triangular Water Pavilion creates a visually dissolving illusion with a water wall

    Walls could be made from bricks and concrete, stones, wood, glass, and even fabricated material. But a wall made of water is something unheard of. Danish artist Jeppe Hein has created one such piece of art. The triangular structure is … Continue reading

    Aerowall lets you grow plants in small spaces

    Urbanization is taking over globally. People are looking at cost-effective ways to live in big cities, but still have the freedom of enjoying suburban living. One such freedom would be having a garden. With Aerowall, a modular, vertical, self-contained aeroponic … Continue reading

    Canine staircases to help dogs easily climb up and down

    It is often seen and heard that cat owners will install special staircases around the house to let their cats enjoy climbing up the walls. No canine lovers have an opportunity to make use of such a luxury. In Ho … Continue reading

    Bloomframe Window turns into a balcony for your apartment home

    In our crowded urban environments where most buildings sport bland facades with no architectural inclinations whatsoever, owning a home with a balcony isn’t a privilege everyone enjoys. Dutch designer firm Hofman Dujardin has come up with the perfect solution for … Continue reading

    Inipi B Sauna compact sauna fits right into your apartment!

    Not everyone living in a tiny urban apartment today enjoys the luxury of a sauna every now and then. Duravit has recently unveiled the design for the Inipi B Sauna, a super compact sauna that fits right into your apartment … Continue reading

    The Mood Wall makes home personalization a daily affair

    Personalizing walls has more often than not been a messy affair, leaving you spotted with paint splotches and the like. Mexican designer Eunice Juárez’s new Mood Wall concept however, makes giving the walls of your home a new and customized … Continue reading

    Electrical raceways turned home décor by Diego Accattoli

    Electrical raceways don’t necessarily need to be an eyesore. With many home designers today choosing to have electrical wires concealed in walls, raceways are quickly turning into installations of the past. Designer Diego Accattoli hailing from Argentina however has come … Continue reading

    iPoo Toilet snugly fits the shape of your butt

    Designer Milos Paripovic must have gotten really tired of the plethora of Apple logo imitation products in the markets to have come up with one that mocks the very idea. The description on the product page goes off as ‘not … Continue reading

    Roman Colosseum Hot Tub lets your bathe imperial Roman-style!

    Ever imagined yourself bathing in the Roman Colosseum? Well, this dream could soon be closer to reality with his fantastic hot tub deign. Now you probably wouldn’t be allowed to lay back amongst bubbles in the real Roman Colosseum with … Continue reading

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