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    Triton Submarines go 36,000 feet below the sea

    The far depths of the sea aren’t so unreachable to mankind any more. Triton Submarines recently threw-up a design for a three-passenger submarine. This little yellow sea-diver takes inspiration from the good-old bathyspheres used in sea expeditions before. To keep … Continue reading

  • Liquid-cooled Nintendo Wii, custom sculpted gaming console from the space-age

    Give Jimmy Neutron a Nintendo Wii and you’d probably end up with something like this. Rest assured, we’ve never seen a gaming console look so space-age before. This recently finished, completely custom-built Wii took Bit-tech forum member Angel OD a … Continue reading

    Greg Janky’s gaming furniture series keeps your spine happy

    So you’ve spent gargantuan sum on your home gaming system, complete with blue-ray devices, surround speakers and the latest gaming technology you could find off store shelves. It’s only fair that you give your backside a comfortable and contemporarily designed … Continue reading

    dAudi Lamp concept for interiors

    The Audi Lamps are lamps for interiors. They look classy and stylish and not to mention elegant, like the car’s reputation. The long stand will be ideal for a contemporary and modern home setting and to highlight the Audi feel, … Continue reading

    Eco-city by Eriksson Architects in China, a shift from the ordinary

    At first, we thought we’d stumbled across an alien settlement of sorts. In truth, this is the design by Helsinki-based design studio, Eriksson Architects for an eco-settlement in the Mentougou Eco Valley in China. Currently awaiting permission from the Chinese … Continue reading

    PreVue product to see the baby in the womb

    Some things must be left alone and not be tampered because that is how nature intends. Like giving birth and the nine-month process of waiting and watching it take full form – it is considered one of the most beautiful … Continue reading

    Designed for luxury, the Mobiado CPT002 Aston Martin Concept

    Technology never seizes to take our breath away. And technology like the Mobiado CPT002 Aston Martin concept Phone sure has left us awestruck. The state-of-the-art phone is at the pinnacle of mobile phone design and is a luxury phone, inspired … Continue reading

    Anna Marinenko’s Japan Clock a tribute to Japanese

    Everything that recently took place in Japan is a tragedy, but life must move on. They say time heals all wounds and as a reminder of that, the Japan Clock is a pretty apt piece of work. Anna Marinenko, a … Continue reading

    Double Wall Tea Cup

    Who doesn’t like a catchy and unique mug for that perfect cup of tea in the morning? Not many of us. The Double Wall Tea Cup comes with a tea bag string placer too making it less messy to enjoy … Continue reading

    TV remote control T-shirt lets you switch channels as you wear it

    Too lazy to reach for the remote? Well, you can now switch control your television with your clothes! At first glance, this T-shirt looked pretty simple, with a simple design. Little did we know that the design was actually a … Continue reading

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