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    Mike Mak’s watch integrates fully functional calculator

    Watch designers tend to think out of the box while drawing out their timepieces, though most of them do prefer boxy designs, just like Mike Mak’s designs for example. This wrist watch sports an LCD screen and seems reminiscent of … Continue reading

  • Ring alarm clock uses vibrations to greet you to a new day!

    People have different waking hours, and being woken up hours before you need to, just because of your spouse’s early waking habits with that clanging alarm bell, can lead to tiffs and troubles! Designer Meng Fandi has come up with … Continue reading

    Rubik’s Cube for the blind shows up at MOMA

    The blind do have their fair share of problems. Being visually impaired leads to a lot of limitations in a person’s life, and is a lot more difficult when compared to the life of a person who can see clearly. … Continue reading

    Swiss army-knife-inspired sofa by Diablo Design

    The iconic Swiss army knife just turned into a fully functional piece of furniture! Designed by Diablo Design, this Swiss army knife-inspire sofa is a pretty neat replica of the real knife, and works as a great place to rest … Continue reading

    The watch with no face, hoLED watch uses holes to tell the time instead

    We’ve had watch concepts by the dozens before. Here’s one that completely took our breath away though. At first, all we thought it to be was a bracelet like any other. A closer look had it turn out to be … Continue reading

    + Pool, the floating pool in the rivers surrounding New York City

    Space crunches in crowded cities with buildings built shoulder to shoulder each other isn’t uncommon, which also means, open spaces to unwind are just as uncommon. Family and PlayLab has come up with a unique way to build up a … Continue reading

    Nutrismart uses RFID tags to give information of food nutrients

    If you’re one of those who likes keeping tabs on your nutrition intake, this concept is sure to make you sit up straight! Designed by Hannes Harms, a German designer based in London, the Nutrismart is essentially a system with … Continue reading

    Mercedes-Benz unveils 60th anniversary concept Unimog

    Most of us prefer listening to those beats thump while working out. And it does seem to help people exercise at times, lending a hand with rhythm. However, controlling your music player and working out at the same time can … Continue reading

    Quick Smart Back Pack Stroller, foldable and easily portable stroller

    Kids love spending time in strollers, and it’s pretty obvious why, given that this in the only practical transport they’ve got to explore the world outside, powered by a push from mommy. Travelling with a stroller however gets painful at … Continue reading

    Circular illuminated bar by Vondom, a great place to socialize

    Bar seating arrangements are meant to look good and add an additional touch of aesthetic elegance, sophistication and beauty to your living space. Vondom’s Fiesta Bar does just that. This illuminated bar sports just the right amount of lighting, casting … Continue reading

    Smart’s electric ForSpeED concept car looks great and performs well too

    Smart has just shown the world its designing genius with the Smart ForSpeED electric concept car. Beautifully designed and with a futuristic touch to it, the electric concept is a world apart from the electric cars prevalent today, with a … Continue reading

    Inspired by bulldozers, the Bulldozer Lounge Chair, a great place to doze

    A perfect lounge chair for those fascinated with heavy equipment, designer Mark Goetz along with Efe Buluc came up with the Bulldozer Lounge Chair. Just like a standard lounge chair, this one lets you recline and set your feet up … Continue reading

    Bendable and flexible, René Lee’s versatile Flex tablet

    You know a good design when it fulfills just about every application you can think of. One such design is the Flex, a collapsible and flexible tablet by designer René Lee that could very well revolutionize the world of computing … Continue reading

    Darth Hairdryer with force

    Ok, the designer of this hairdryer had a real bad fall off with his ex. What else would explain a Darth hairdryer? Inspired by Star Wars this one apparently has heavy force for better results. Alright! If Tembolat Gugkaev says … Continue reading

    The Living Roof, an apartment home that can be airlifted

    Well, it’s alright if the terrace-apartment you were looking for was taken by someone else! You can now place an apartment flat of your own, on the terrace of just about any building in the neighborhood! Called the Living Roof … Continue reading

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