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    A wristwatch that will sings the time to you

    As the title suggests, an LCD/E-ink display watch that instead of showing the time with the hour and minute hands, shows the wave file of the voice that is generated to tell the time. The three primary function of any … Continue reading

  • First class experience in the economy cabin with the AirGo seats

    Although air travel costs have reduced tremendously in recent years, the First Class costs for a ticket are still right up there. This means that the fastest mode of travel is also one of the most uncomfortable one if you … Continue reading

    The Infinity Pleasure Pod -displays your experience of what you eat

    Our environment can influence our experience of what we eat; but what if what we eat has the power to change our environment? This was the query investigated by Food architects and installation artists Bompas and Parr who designed Magnum … Continue reading

    Casa Bubble, a transparent inflatable home for the outdoorsy

    Living in the outdoors isn’t always buckets of fun, particularly when the elements decide to work against you. French designers Frederic Richard and Pierre-Stephane Dumas have sculpted out the perfect adobe away from home, called the Casa Bubble, a prefabricated … Continue reading

    Privacy made obsolete by Tokyo glass home!

    Privacy in our lives these days seems minimal, with people choosing to make their lives public via social networking websites and the like. Abolishing privacy completely, this home nestled in a quiet neighbourhood in Tokyo literally allows your neighbours and … Continue reading

    The Piano House in China

    Conventional home designs are slowly fading away, as architects and designers these days are stepping away from the ordinary to fashion into being structures built to shock, amaze and strike awe. Called the Piano House, this musically sound structure was … Continue reading

    Personal air transport made easier with the Scorpion Personal Helicopter

    Soon, air travel could turn into a very personal affair. One will not need to travel with unwanted companions while flying, and for those who are looking for a solitary flight to their destinations, this concept could work amazingly well! … Continue reading

    Pipistrel Panthera aircraft flies 400km on electricity alone!

    Green innovations in the aviation industry seem to be catching on, with the world slowly dropping its reliance on fossil fuels alone. We just stumbled across this fantastically eco-friendly medium to fly, the Pipistrel Panthera aircraft. With enough space to … Continue reading

    Gold wedding ring to reveal the time shared between two people

    Wedding rings usually disclose the fact that one is married. However Torafu architects from Japan have designed ‘gold wedding ring’ which gradually changes as the thin silver plating outer coating wipes off to expose a gold band beneath. The designers’ … Continue reading

    Gokey -Tuck your keys safely when you are on the run

    Keys are always an issue to handle while you are running or playing some sports. One usually stuffs it in the socks or in the cushioned bra or ties it on the shoe. Francesca Passoni and Cristina Cook Chicago, industrial … Continue reading

    Formula D Interactive Card Table recognizes objects placed on it

    Interactive tables have been around for a while now, and never fail to impress. The latest on the block is this innovation by designer Johan du Toit. Called the Formula D Interactive Card Table, this intelligent piece of furniture sports … Continue reading

    Office furniture inspired by Aston Martin

    Automaker Aston Martin has begun indulging in office décor these days and has pulled the veil off this fabulous line of furniture. Designed to turn your workspace irresistible, these furniture designs have a close resemblance to the lines and schools … Continue reading

    iPoo Toilet snugly fits the shape of your butt

    Designer Milos Paripovic must have gotten really tired of the plethora of Apple logo imitation products in the markets to have come up with one that mocks the very idea. The description on the product page goes off as ‘not … Continue reading

    Desk Rail helps organize your stationary and desktop gadgets

    Looking for a great way to have all those knick knacks strewn across your table top organized? Pushstart’s Desk Rail should do the trick, using a minimalist design to help you organize your stationary. The Desk Rail enables you to … Continue reading

    Bikoff concept enables you to carry your bicycle to work!

    Looking for a perfect eco-friendly way to get to work? Here’s a bicycle that won’t make you look plain silly while decked up in your sophisticated office wear. Called the Bikoff, this concept bicycle works great since you simply don’t … Continue reading

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