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    Equal electric car concept designed for disabled drivers

    Folks with disabilities do find it extremely difficult to travel, particularly by cars where getting in and out isn’t a breeze. This is also why most disabled people stay away from the driver’s seat and are required to be dependent … Continue reading

  • The Area lamp allows users to grab and pull its light around!

    Light has never been in flesh before and the ability to manipulate light has always rested at the source of the light. Technology has pushed these limitations away, giving human-kind the ability to literally “pull” light across a room! The … Continue reading

    Audi develops the virtual Fleet Shuttle Quattro car for the Ender’s Game

    Audi has never failed to stun the world with its numerous futuristic car concepts. The company manages to do so too with its production cars and is currently one of the largest luxury car manufacturers in the world. The German … Continue reading

    Sound Showers help you relax at crowded airports

    Airports tend to be noisy, over-crowded and well, uncomfortable. Making your trip in the skies a little more comfortable, the Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL) has come up with this superb concept called Sound Showers. The concept works literally as its … Continue reading

    Parapak, a backpack for wheelchairs

    The disabled and those who find it difficult to get around on a daily basis due to mobility-affecting illnesses have their fair share of trouble carrying stuff around on the go. Addressing their difficulties, designer Candice Lin came up with … Continue reading

    Tactus Technology develops micro-fluid keys that rise out of touchscreens

    People used to tactile QWERTY keys usually frown when it comes to using touch screen devices. Recently a startup firm called Tactus Technology came up with this fantastic screen that literally has buttons pop out of it! Using micro-fluids, the … Continue reading

    The Legacy Edition watch face inspired by the Tron film

    The 2010 Tron: Legacy film inspired loads of designers world over, driving them to create stuff themed around the movie. Alexander Morgan, based in the United Kingdom, has come up with this eye-catching watch face inspired by the Tron film. … Continue reading

    X Grill, the stainless-steel kitchen packed in an oil truck

    We love stuff being reused, particularly vehicles that would normally be crushed into meaningless metal once retired. Watch out for this wonderful concept, a revamped oil tanker truck turned into a full-fledged kitchen on wheels! The truck, called the “X … Continue reading

    Marc Newson’s Body Jet, the new mode of transport!

    Tired of driving or riding around? Has the mass-transit system of your urban paradise failed to live up to your expectations? Well, here’s a new way to get around, one that’ll surely catch the eyes of everyone you soar above! … Continue reading

    The easy to setup and extremely accommodating Emergency Shelter

    Emergency shelters are designed to be deployed quickly and withstand the elements. Carter Williamson Architects from Australia recently came up with these fantastic Emergency Shelters that are extremely easy to setup, require minimal materials and can shelter people in catastrophic … Continue reading

    Chinese construction team replicates the Wangjing Soho; nears completion before the original!

    The Chinese appreciate well-designed stuff. So much, that they’re extremely comfortable creating carbon copies of the same! The latest case of extreme replication in China is the Wangjing Soho building’s copy. While the original building designed by London-based architect Zaha … Continue reading

    LED lit wine-cellar gives designer Jamie Beckwith’s an eye-pleasing touch

    LED lights, when used correctly, are an assured way to spice up the dullest and most dreary places. This fantastic overhauled wine-cellar we had the pleasure to spot lately just proves the awesomeness of LEDs! By interior designer Jamie Beckwith, … Continue reading

    Cocoon 1 provides for personal space at home

    Finding a secluded corner in your crowded and noisy urban apartment isn’t all that easy these days. We’ve just come across a concept that fits right inside your home and gives you that space away from the bustle. Called the … Continue reading

    Calm Space for a calm mind at work

    The joy of a power nap – little compares to its sheer wonderfulness. We have seen designs in the past of nap capsules in the public. Here is another one – a sleeping capsule at the work place. Called Calm … Continue reading

    German Bank uses art installation to display its annual report!

    You know a bank is trendy when it skips the boring and extremely dull paper-based annual reports and uses an art installation to prove its worth instead. The L-Bank, State Bank of Baden-Wuerttember will now give the interested audience a … Continue reading

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