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    Eco-city by Eriksson Architects in China, a shift from the ordinary

    At first, we thought we’d stumbled across an alien settlement of sorts. In truth, this is the design by Helsinki-based design studio, Eriksson Architects for an eco-settlement in the Mentougou Eco Valley in China. Currently awaiting permission from the Chinese … Continue reading

  • Egg shaped house on wheels for a three-figure-sum!

    Need to move out? Unable to find a place for yourself with the money in your wallet? Well, here’s a solution to all your dwelling woes, for just a three-figure sum. A do-it-yourself home that will forever be close to … Continue reading

    Banking, a transparent affair at Swedbank’s headquarters in Stockholm

    Banking works better with transparency. Transparency obviously helps build faith and trust. Using this as the central idea behind this design, the Swedbank in Stockholm is as transparent as a bank could get, literally. The bank’s headquarters in Stockholm spreading … Continue reading

    Minimalist home in New York, a subtle reminder of the space age

    Ever dreamed of living in the space age? Well, maybe you won’t have robots brining you your breakfast in bed, or a sofa that talks back to you and massages you, though this minimalist apartment design sure takes you ahead, … Continue reading

    The Box/Box, a storage loft made livable

    What could you do with just 90 square feet of space? Well if you’ve got an eye for design, like the creators of the BoxBox, you could just convert this tiny place into a fully functional living space! Taking two … Continue reading

    Fully functional home covering 33 square meters, the SustenHOME

    As time flies by, the homes we live in are getting smaller. Talking about small homes, we came across a neatly packed living space that doesn’t take up too much of space, and makes sure you don’t lose out on … Continue reading

    Organically shaped home powered by solar energy, the Fab Lab House

    One thing’s for sure. We really never figured this one to really be a complete home at first look. Designed by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, the organically shaped Fab Lab House somewhat reminded us of a zeppelin … Continue reading

    A cube of heaven in the woods

    Who says technology has taken over the world and that the new generation is busy building space crafts for life in the oblivion like fictitious fools had chosen to live? Life is much more meaningful and real and wise man … Continue reading

    Dutch +31 architects builds ‘Water villa omval’ DL BUILDING

    One needs to be in Amsterdam to witness this breathtaking ‘water villa omval’ designed by dutch +31 architects. The Villa is equipped with two large floors a roof terrace which is developed by lowering the bedroom half a story and … Continue reading

    HAUS: Series of conversation pods by Alexander Lotersztain

    The Three Little Pigs story has been one of my favorite childhood tales. Well it seems to be a favorite with designer Alexander Lotersztain as well. His love for the tale can be seen through his creation, HAUS a series … Continue reading

    Living in a wooden flying saucer, the Domespace disk-shaped wind-resistant home

    The Eco Habitat zone at the recent Viv’expo exhibition in Bordeaux played host to the Domespace, a walk-in cutaway model of a rotating wooden house built on a concrete pedestal designed aerodynamically. This one stands up in cyclonic winds of … Continue reading

    Self-sufficient futuristic housing concept by Charles L Owen

    Designer Charles L Owen has offered his vision of futuristic homes or homes for the year 2050 through his unique concept futuristic house. What is unique about this futuristic concept house is that it is a complete housing system that … Continue reading

    Living in a UFO, uniquely shaped home by Takeshi Hirobe

    Now we’ve seen some pretty astounding home designs before. Here’s one for those who fancy the extra-terrestrial, a UFO-shaped house. Now it really isn’t a disk though it does seem like ET’s spaceship from an angle. The other side of … Continue reading

    The Life Cube, an inflatable temporary residence for the disaster hit

    Places hit with disasters face a load of problems, mainly food supply, water supply and temporary living spaces. The Life Cube’s here to make it a bit easier. An inflatable tent of sorts, the Life Cube is ideal for places … Continue reading

    Rest your tired feet in Dream and Fly’s micro-hotels

    Hotel rooms are meant to be places away from home where you can rest, shower and freshen up before you set out again. That doesn’t hold for those on vacations though. Here’s a design for a hotel room that will … Continue reading

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