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    PAS- Skateboard-themed house built in Malibu California

    It is good to follow your passion, but living with your passion is a dream come true. This dream has come true for former skateboarding world champion, French-born Pierre André Senizergues. He is about to build a skateboarder’s house, situated … Continue reading

  • HummerHaus, home made from Hummer shells

    If you’re one of those who simply love the army-vehicle-turned-civil-muse, the Hummer, we’re pretty sure you probably won’t get your eyes of this abode for long. Built by HplusF, a design agency by architects Craig Hodges and HsinMing Fung, this … Continue reading

    Living on water made feasible with Water- Curse or Blessing exhibition

    Asia is over-populated. There’s no arguing with that. And as land space slowly disappears for living-purposes on the continent, countries like China and India might just need to start building residential structures on water! And from what we’ve made out … Continue reading

    Le Nuage, the cloud-shaped shelter for seven

    Ever dreamed of sleeping in the clouds? Well, here’s a near-dream-like experience of literally living in a cloud, on the surface of the earth however. You’d probably need to wait till you kick the bucket though, if you’re still looking … Continue reading

    Rooftop playground designed for penthouses in Copenhagen

    With open spaces on ground level slowly disappearing in urban areas, a rooftop playground seems to be a pretty feasible idea! Danish firm JDS Architects has come up with just that, a rooftop playground covering the tops of three penthouses … Continue reading

    CHIP solar powered home design, a green way to live indeed

    The world today requires us, human beings, to turn towards greener lifestyles and re-nourish the now-tarnished environment. And one of the best ways to contribute to a cleaner and greener planet is starting off at home itself, by living in … Continue reading

    + Pool, the floating pool in the rivers surrounding New York City

    Space crunches in crowded cities with buildings built shoulder to shoulder each other isn’t uncommon, which also means, open spaces to unwind are just as uncommon. Family and PlayLab has come up with a unique way to build up a … Continue reading

    House with leaf-shaped roof in Rio de Janeiro

    We all know just how cool and shady it can be below a bunch of leaves. Inspired by that, designers Mareines + Patalano Arquitetura have come up with the Leaf House, a home with a leaf shaped roof in Rio … Continue reading

    Casa CC by Longhi Architects, the perfect coastal crib

    A perfect house that fits right into the sea-shore landscape, the Casa CC is a dream crib for just about anyone envisioning a life close to the coast. Designed by Longhi Architects, this beautiful home offers breathtaking views and proves … Continue reading

    Working from home made easier with the OfficePOD, a dedicated workspace for your backya

    If you’re one of those lucky few who works from the comfort of your home, here’s an ideal way to bring in a bit of professionalism and an office-like environment to your backyard. This backyard office design is small, compact … Continue reading

    Hüttenpalast hotel in Berlin with refurbished campers for rooms

    Vacations are a time when most of us shift away from the ordinary routine. Well, vacations can now mean a shift from the ordinary vacation too! If you’re simply tired of visiting beach resorts and hill stations, here’s a unique … Continue reading

    The Living Roof, an apartment home that can be airlifted

    Well, it’s alright if the terrace-apartment you were looking for was taken by someone else! You can now place an apartment flat of your own, on the terrace of just about any building in the neighborhood! Called the Living Roof … Continue reading

    Swamp Huts, beautifully designed huts with aesthetically pleasing interiors

    We’ve never seen a hut look so good, honestly. Designed and well executed by Moskow Linn Architects, the Swamp Hut is basically a compound compromising of four little huts connected to each other located in Newton, Massachusetts. These huts aren’t … Continue reading

    Inexpensive floating home by Wyatt Little, the Uboat

    Whoever said floating homes tend to be expensive can now pretty much change their points of view about these homes that live on water-surfaces. Wyatt Little came up with an inexpensive housing solution for water surfaces called the Uboat. This … Continue reading

    Living in a world of white, the Barin Sky Resort

    Remember the White Queen from the Chronicles of Narnia? We’re pretty sure she vacations here! The Barin Sky Resort near Shemshank in Iran is a ski vacation spot that, needless to say, has enough snow to keep you skiing, or … Continue reading

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