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    China’s first capsule-themed hotel swings open doors to the public

    Capsule hotels have been a popular answer to solve both, the diminishing living space as well as accommodation woes. Just recently, the first capsule-themed hotel on the Chinese mainland swung open its doors at Xi’an, Shaanxi province. With a total … Continue reading

  • Curban Parking works as a space-saving automated valet parking system

    Parking woes in urban areas could soon be obsolete. This parking station we came across works as an automated valet parking and has your car parked mechanically. By designer Malila Gabuardi, the Curban Parking system is an architectural marvel and … Continue reading

    Balcony swimming pools adorn luxury homes in Mumbai

    Swimming pools aren’t new. Swimming pools on balconies are. In fact, this brilliant swimming pool design we came across is a modern architectural marvel of sorts. By architecture firm James Law, these luxury homes in Mumbai, India, sport swimming pool … Continue reading

    Excalibur, the world’s tallest climbing wall in Netherlands

    Looking for a great way to unleash that adventurous beast in you? We’ve got the perfect solution! Called the Excalibur, what you’re looking at is the world’s tallest climbing wall. A great way to get those limbs moving in tandem … Continue reading

    Futuristic Chalet Béranger makes alpine holidays sexy

    When designer Noé Duchaufour Lawrance decided to come up with a chalet design, he stayed away from the conventional. What seems to resemble the good old chalet from the exterior is a marvel of interior design from the insides! The … Continue reading

    Autospace garage by Ecospace helps showcase your automobiles!

    Garages these days tend to be concrete blocks with a hollow space in between to nestle your ride. Not too many people indulge in beautifying their garages to turn them into exceptional showcases that show-off their cars to the world. … Continue reading

    Building tower inspired by Jenga building blocks by Y Design Office

    The Jenga game has been around for quite a while now and has been known to tease brains world over. This simple though tricky game has inspired this concept building design by Y Design Office. The building, standing 75-stories high, … Continue reading

    German architect Christ Chrsit designs homes with giant roofs

    In warm areas, it is always a relief to have trees and greenery. But if you are the kind who likes to live in houses with a flat top rather than angles ones, then maybe you can use it to … Continue reading

    Ladybug mobile information unit uses solar panels to power up

    Designer Sabrina Gatto’s Mobile Information Unit is more than just a boring old information kiosk, the type you come across at railway stations, amusement parks and the likes. Here’s why. Inspired by the lady bug, this mobile information unit, also … Continue reading

    Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel in Bali presents infinity pool

    The highlight of this hotel is the multi-leveled infinity pool, with curves that are said to be a replica of the beautiful hills nearby. Situated in Bali in Indonesia Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel is truly mesmerizing. Besides enjoying swimming guest … Continue reading

    Brining follies back from the dead, AWP-HHF to design French park

    In 18th Century Europe, the rich brought the wonders of the world to their extensive gardens with follies. These buildings made to replicate just about everything from Egyptian pyramids to Chinese temples served as décor and places to unwind. Now … Continue reading

    Sole Arena spa uses salted air to flush your lungs clean

    Visits to a spa are indeed one of those few relaxing moments we enjoy in our busy urban lives. Take this spa in Bad Essence for one. A paradigm shift away from probably just about any spa you might’ve visited … Continue reading

    3x3x3 meter home comes fully equipped, the Cube Project

    Whoever needs a sprawling huge estate, when you could live comfortable in a 3x3x3 meter home! Given the strange dimensions of this house, we’re pretty sure you’ve ended up imagining a cramped up living space, probably reminiscent of a cage, … Continue reading

    Parking space with hill-top views, a palatial home for your car

    We all love our cars, and if you’ve spent half your life’s savings one buying one, your set of wheels very well deserves a palatial parking space of its own, like this one! Designed and executed by architect Peter Kunz, … Continue reading

    Green-roofed homes for your pets

    Green roofs are turning are pretty common these days, and cities and towns these days seem to realize the benefits of green-roofs more than ever, given the fact that ordinances have been passed lately for by a few cities around, … Continue reading

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