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    Architect Nathalie Wolberg design’s eye-candy-soaked home and work studio

    When an architect designs a home for him/herself, he/she’s bound to go all out, using every bit of knowledge of his/her trade to the fullest. So when architect Nathalie Wolberg set about designing a home for herself, she made sure … Continue reading

  • Feldbalz House offers fantastic view of Lake Zurich

    Feldbalz House is more of a family sculpture than a house. Offering magnificent views of Lake Zurich, the house is all about grace, unassuming style, simplicity and sleek design at its best. The three floored house, where the ground floors … Continue reading

    Santambrogio blue tinged glass house offers spectacular views – both from the inside and outside

    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. One should also note that people who live in glass houses should give up any and all hopes of privacy and be ready to shell out over $600,000 to get a … Continue reading

    Eco-friendly Brazilian ATM concept uses solar energy to power up

    ATMs though extremely convenient banking solutions that the world relies on constantly today, are energy suckers unlike any other. Given the fact that these more often than not are lit up 24 hours a day with the air conditioning systems … Continue reading

    Bus shelters from around the globe go cooler than the rest

    Bus stops more often than not are built to conform and leave out any imagination when it comes to design. We on the other hand spotted a bunch of bus stops sprinkled all over the world that are set apart … Continue reading

    The Cloud House, inspired by the simplicity of the Apple iPod

    Making technology simple is more difficult done than said and Apple has been known to roll out some pretty exceptional designs. Drawing inspiration from the technology-giant’s brainchild, the iPod, architect John Beckmann of Axis Mundi fame sculpted into being the … Continue reading

    NE Apartment, the biker-friendly apartment building in Japan

    Motorcycle enthusiasts now have a better way to live, with designer architects Yuji Nakae, Akiyoshi Takagi and Hiroshi Ohno bringing their minds together to create a motorcycle-friendly apartment building! The Japanese designers recently unveiled the NE apartment, an 8-unit apartment … Continue reading

    Zero Pod mobile house kit makes living on the go easier

    Travelling with your home could soon turn easier with DCW’s latest unveiling, the Zero Pod mobile house kit. Basically a home that you can quickly take apart and store in the back of the truck, enabling you to deploy it … Continue reading

    Patrick Blanc’s vertical garden system makes buildings look greener than ever!

    In a world with green spots quickly disappearing and concrete jungles spreading quicker than wild fires, vertical gardens seem to be a pretty innovatively practical way to bring back the green in our neighborhoods. Nestled in Paris, the Quai Branly … Continue reading

    Moon Villa, the residence designed for low-gravity living

    Soon, living on the moon could just be the next best thing, given the fact that space on earth is quickly diminishing with the population explosion, the degrading of the environment and the eco-system as a whole. Behold the Moon … Continue reading

    Snail Shell System shelter, a portable home for nomadic beings

    Snails and turtles are known to get home pretty darned quickly, given the fact that they carry their homes around wherever they go. Drawing inspiration from these fantastic little creatures, N55 came up with the rolling Snail Shell System. Light … Continue reading

    Micro Cabin by Robin Falck sports a footprint of just 96-square feet!

    Living in tiny houses isn’t always a bad thing and designer Robin Falck proved just that with this beautiful residence he christened the “Micro Cabin” nicknamed “Nido”. In essence a micro home built by Falck to reside in after his … Continue reading

    Privacy made obsolete by Tokyo glass home!

    Privacy in our lives these days seems minimal, with people choosing to make their lives public via social networking websites and the like. Abolishing privacy completely, this home nestled in a quiet neighbourhood in Tokyo literally allows your neighbours and … Continue reading

    Interactive sculpture at UK hospital measures user’s heart rate!

    Interactive sculptures have always fascinated us, and this new piece of art and technology combined set up at the Royal Manchester Children’s’ Hospital in the United Kingdom has left us awestruck. Designed and conceptualized by Andrew Small and Steven Almond, … Continue reading

    The Piano House in China

    Conventional home designs are slowly fading away, as architects and designers these days are stepping away from the ordinary to fashion into being structures built to shock, amaze and strike awe. Called the Piano House, this musically sound structure was … Continue reading

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