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    Longaberger Company’s building replicates a giant basket

    There is indeed no better way to grab the attention of passersby than designing your office building to replicate the very product you roll out into the market! Take the Longaberger Company for example. One of America’s largest producers of … Continue reading

  • Apple delays plans for Cupertino super-headquarters

    Apple had the world looking up in awe lately after having unveiled the plans for a futuristic campus. Designed to house nearly 13,000 employees, the headquarters is reminiscent of a spaceship. The completion date for the same which was earlier … Continue reading

    Billionaire Vladislav Doronin gifts girlfriend Naomi Campbell a futuristic Russian villa!

    English supermodel Naomi Campbell will soon settle down in a one-of-a-kind uber-luxury home in Moscow, Russia. Commissioned by her boyfriend billionaire Vladislav Doronin, this private home is reminiscent of a space-ship right out of a Star Wars flick. The home … Continue reading

    Pavilion Puur draws inspiration from barracks and hills!

    Netherlands-based Emma Architecten recently unveiled this tribute to the historic Amsterdam defense line at Fort Diemerdam, christened the Pavilion Puur. A project that’ll play home to education and social events, the Pavilion Puur is reminiscent of the rolling hills and … Continue reading

    Dacha’s Origami, the summer house with no windows

    Russia doesn’t really enjoy a load of sunshine and more often than not, the region is ridden with cold. So, when Peter Kostelov set about designing a home for his clients, he decided to leave out the windows! Called the … Continue reading

    Hunting lodge in Germany offers indoor skate park

    Well not exactly a skate park, but a skateboard friendly environment across the already existing furniture. Pro-boarder Philipp Schuster has integrated skateboarding ramps, and pipes in the existing space to create what you may like to call it, an indoor … Continue reading

    Auto Family Home blends into its environment with a seamless design

    Notice how the homes around you tend to stick out of the surface of the earth? We’ve just come across a home that blends perfectly with its surroundings, seamlessly! By Polish firm KWK Promes, the Auto-Family House was designed for … Continue reading

    Tiny eight-foot cube home built following the principals of Feng Shui, by SpaceFlavor

    Homes do not necessarily be need to be sprawling. With a little ingenuity and architectural brilliance, a full-fledged home can very well be packed inside the tightest of spaces, like this living space created by San Francisco architectural firm SpaceFlavor … Continue reading

    Airclad is a highly portable multi-purpose inflatable structure

    A 100 sq. meter inflatable structure folds down to a 1 cubic meter portable bag. The Airclad is what you can call it, a pop-up building. This building can be inflated anywhere, from you backyard, to the outdoors, and even … Continue reading

    Old water tower refurbished into a swank and stylish modern home

    We love the idea of recycling, refurbishing and reusing, and this recent home we stumbled across has left us jaw-dropped and completely awed. In essence an old water tower magically transformed into a one-of-a-kind bachelor pad, this 6-storey residence packs … Continue reading

    Pumpkin shaped cubicle to inspire ideas

    Designed by edg Creatives, the Pumpkin Room is a pumpkin shaped brainstorming room that is placed in their office in Beijing, China. It is also used as a wall partition using the polycarbonate panels and by using two of these … Continue reading

    House T is worryingly the most dubious house to live in

    Developed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects Architecture, for a couple in the center of Tokyo, House T is a residence and atelier that gleams with risk. To begin with, the floors are basically a plate that have been hooked only by … Continue reading

    Tetra Shed, an unusually-shaped workspace for your backyard

    The concept of Freelancing is quickly catching on with the most of us completing assignments and working from home. For those looking for a productive environment at home and an ideal space to work, away from the clutter of the … Continue reading

    Organically-shaped Porsche Pavilion at the Autostadt museum, a modern-day architectural marvel

    Volkswagen’s Autostadt museum recently unveiled the Porsche Pavilion, paying tribute to the brand with 200 guests present at the event, and as far as we’re concerned, this beautifully built showcase that will sport key Porsche models is indeed a mark … Continue reading

    LEGO church constructed in Netherlands; used as temporary pavilion

    We’ve seen scale models of buildings being constructed from LEGO bricks. Never before have we seen a true-to-life structure built from oversized LEGO blocks however, and this temporary pavilion set up in Netherlands has left us awe-struck. Made from giant … Continue reading

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