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    Building’s façade turned into a giant Rubik’s Cube by Javier Lloret

    When the Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik invented the Rubik’s Cube in 1974, little did he know that his mind-boggling brainchild would inspire life-sized building a few decades later. Spanish artist and designer Javier Lloret recently pulled … Continue reading

  • Malka Architecture sets up vertical tents for the homeless

    And now that we’ve pretty much exhausted the horizontal spaces in our urban environments, human-kind has begun developing homes vertically! No, we aren’t pointing out at skyscrapers this time. What we’ve been looking at are these extraordinarily practical vertical shelters … Continue reading

    Images of Apple’s Cupertino headquarters unveiled

    Apple has a way of making its fans and competitors go “Oh gosh”! Most recently, extremely realistic and detailed images of the American technology giant’s headquarters hit webspace. The new spaceship headquarters has been drawing quite a lot of attention … Continue reading

    Tornado-proof home that sinks into the ground developed by 10 Design

    Tornados aren’t new and these twisters have destroyed property, taken lives and wrecked havoc before. The “Game Changers” program sponsored by Samsung Galaxy S4, recently saw the unveiling of a unique home design that could protect people in the event … Continue reading

    Tips for finding an Apartment for rent

    Every person must have come across the challenge of finding the right and suitable kind of shelter in their life. Finding an apartment for rent is a tedious and challenging job. When you move into a new place, the first … Continue reading

    The Crown Hotel concept could be Sydney’s 5th largest skyscraper

    Sydney could soon play home to a swanky new hotel near its western edge with an ambitious new project being put into place by architects from every nook of the world. One of these designs is by Kohn Pedersen Fox … Continue reading

    The largest structure ever built, the New Century Global center, developed in China

    The Chinese have a way with extravagance and have recently proved just that again with the unveiling of the largest structure ever built, the 1.2 million square feet New Century Global centre! More like a little city in itself than … Continue reading

    Dubai inaugurates the world’s tallest twisting tower, the Cayan Tower!

    Dubai regularly finds itself in the headlines, and for good reason. Most recently, Dubai pulled the veil off yet another eye-catching and architecturally shocking masterpiece, the 75-storey residential Cayan Tower. Standing 310-metres (1,017-foot) high, this is the world’s tallest twisted … Continue reading

    The OLS House ‘somewhat’ resembles a dinosaur’s head, right?

    We’ve been waiting for something like this all along, or have we? Well, nevertheless, this house seems pretty cool and we wouldn’t mind setting up our place of residence in it. Called the OLS House, this residence was designed by … Continue reading

    Bladeless windmill installed by Mecanoo Architects and the Delft University of Technology

    The world is quickly realizing the need for green-energy solutions and is desperately trying to decrease its complete reliance on fossil fuels. Recently, we came across yet another attempt to go green in an artful way, an installation by Mecanoo … Continue reading

    Isbjerget residential complex resembles icebergs

    When the architectural firms JDS, CEBRA, SeARCH, and Louis Paillard set out looking for inspiration for their joint venture, they probably stumbled across icebergs. It comes as no surprise that their collaboration, called the Isbjerget, looks just like these icy … Continue reading

    Roberto Cavalli’s Florentine house sports a eye-pleasing façade

    Designing a home good enough to please fashion genius Roberto Cavalli. Well, we’re sure this beautiful abode located in Florence and built for Roberto Cavalli left the designer smiling. Called the Florentine house, the house is modern and uses a … Continue reading

    Eco-Modular Classrooms make green education a reality

    Education in a green and eco-friendly setting is always a good thing. Keeping that in mind, architect Allen Post’s Eco-Modular classroom seems like the ideal place to learn. A winning design at the 2009 Open-Architecture Challenge, this concept is a … Continue reading

    Architect from Holland uses 3D printing to construct building!

    There simply is no denying the fact that the future of design and development of products lies in 3D printing. For the uninitiated, 3D printing allows designers to literally print out products including day-to-day stuff, like buildings! An architect in … Continue reading

    Chinese construction team replicates the Wangjing Soho; nears completion before the original!

    The Chinese appreciate well-designed stuff. So much, that they’re extremely comfortable creating carbon copies of the same! The latest case of extreme replication in China is the Wangjing Soho building’s copy. While the original building designed by London-based architect Zaha … Continue reading

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