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    Water drop home design MercuryHouseOne by Italian Architecture and Vision

    If you have been amused and awed by the dew-drop homes that we see in animated movies depicting the future, then this idea will appeal to you. This is a design by Architecture and Vision – a pod-like mobile living … Continue reading

  • Panasonic Capsule Hotel to open in Japan

    Anything futuristic always appeals to me. And hence I have fallen in love with the amazing Panasonic Capsule hotel which is expected to open in Japan. Designed by Masaaki Hiromura and Takaaki Nakamura, this futuristic hotel is expected to be … Continue reading

    Ventilating idea for prisons

    Prisons are always a nightmare. It’s as though anyone anywhere in this world have to live in filthy, claustrophobic and dark. Designer Van der Sluis felt that this had to change with his new dome for prison. It is supposedly … Continue reading

    Veuve Clicquot Comet for luxury at the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup polo championship

    Designer Tom Dixon has come up with this brilliant gazebo for Polo lovers called the Veuve Clicquot Comet. The main purpose and inspiration for this was for the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship that will … Continue reading

    Flying Apartment System concept that will fly between continents in minutes

    Concepts are always welcome but ones that are a little far fetched may seem slightly disappointing. Like this example for instance. It seems you can in many many years, fly to different continents within minutes straight from your apartment. No, … Continue reading

    ‘Office in the Woods’ by Spain’s Selgascano is a work place in tune with nature

    Nobody wants to be cramped in like sardines in a tin, but usually that’s how office buildings are packed in business districts. However, if you are from Spain’s architecture firm Selgascano, you get to design and work in the most … Continue reading

    Berlin’s Spree Bridge Badeschiff winter bathing ship

    When you have a beautiful nation filled with certain untidy spots, efforts must be made to work harder in finding a feasible solution where people can still enjoy their land even when nature stresses to oppose. In simple words, – … Continue reading

    Populous to design $400million Korean Stadium

    The global design practice, Populous, won the architecture design competition for the $400 million main stadium in Incheon, Korea, for the 2014 Asian games. The 70,000 seat multipurpose stadium will be designed to later be changed to a single sided … Continue reading

    Reconstruction of the Villa to Arpel Centquatre a reminiscence of Tati

    The recovery of CENTQUATRE size of the Villa Arpel is one of the best sites to choose for a reconstruction. The house and décor where 50 years design triumph home making arts and modern comfort of “Mon Oncle”, the cult … Continue reading

    Cityscope by Marco Hemmerling

    Marco Hemmerling’s visual delight charms the pants off Cologne (Germany) residents! An Urban Kaleidoscope, the lighting installation looks gorgeous at night! Dealing with the perception of urban spaces the installation reflects fragmented views on the city and composes a three … Continue reading

    A green breather in the midst of congested New York

    One Madison Avenue is set to be the boisterous new address in NYC that boast of a green lung in the middle or congestion and pollution. Daniel Libeskind’s Green New York Tower is a 54-story condo building that incorporates a … Continue reading

    Green revolution takes on the Gwanggyo Power Center

    Gwanggyo is a new town south of Seoul and is getting a fresh-face. The town is getting ready to become home to a new city center called the Gwanggyo Power Center. Dutch architects MVRDV, who landed the project after winning … Continue reading

    New York Residence will be in Budapest

    Shakespeare said that there was nothing to a name, but clearly folks at Iosa Ghini Associati beg to differ. They have named their upcoming project New York Residence, which is an extension to New York Palace Boscolo Hotel in Budapest, … Continue reading

    Blushing home for Roberto Cavalli

    When you are Roberto Cavalli, you expect only the best. Naturally your abode has to suit your fancy…if the day goes good, you’re happy and cheery…. you want bright colors to surround you. The showing in Milan goes bad; you’re … Continue reading

    Greentainer Project addresses the need for eco-friendly architecture

    Talk about being versatile in a green style and it’s the Greentainer Project that takes a bow. Based in Gandino, Italy, this green architectural project stands out for its form as well as function. To address the eco-sensitive issues, a … Continue reading

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