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    The Klein Bottle house wins world’s best home award

    The winner of the world’s best home award at this year’s world architecture festival went to the Klein Bottle house by McBride Charles Ryan. The unique holiday home is located in Australia’s Mornington Peninsula and features a living room perched … Continue reading

  • Open Air library opens in Germany

    A post-industrial district in Magdeburg, Germany has become the home of a unique grassroots project. The project, a cultural center and an Open Air library has been designed by Karo Architekten in collaboration with local residents. The Open Air library … Continue reading

    ‘What we do is Secret’ can make a good hideout place!

    I often pine for a faraway luxury home to get away for my monotony. The city life also many times gets to you when you realize you do not have the privacy that you are worthy of. This tall, three-storied … Continue reading

    Ferrari Factory Store by Iosa Ghini Associates is hot in red

    Ferrari spells class and style and this reflects in the new Ferrari Factory Store of Serravalle Scrivia, Italy, entirely designed by Iosa Ghini Associates. Make no mistake, the building in red is absolutely stylish. It is characterized by a large … Continue reading

    Upside Down House is uber cool

    This Upside Down House designed by Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastion Mikuciuk for the Edutainment exhibition company is the most bizarre house I have ever seen. It’s a crazy house that is standing on the roof. Everything is the opposite of … Continue reading

    Here come tree houses in the true sense

    When I think of treehouses, I have cute amateur ones in my mind. However, this redefines tree houses completely. It’s a proper and somewhat uniquely designed house amongst trees. It’s an architectural project for the company “Dans Mon Arbre”. I … Continue reading

    Glass: The modern day Engineered Transparency Material

    Glass has always been getting flak when it comes to using it as a modern building material. We definitely have still to understand and exploit the cultural and technological effects of this complex but sophisticated building material. This is an … Continue reading

    Populous to design 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games stadium

    Global design company Populous has been chosen to design the main stadium for the 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in Sochi, Russia. Besides the main stadium, the company will also design the master plan and overlay … Continue reading

    Architects envision stalled buildings in Boston as “Eco Pods”

    Abandoned buildings and stalled projects in Boston are all set to be revived. The Boston Globe has asked architects to take a look at the sites and envision completely new projects that use the existing structure to improve the city. … Continue reading

    Karim Rashid’s Switch Restaurant at Dubai Mall

    When it comes to suave and contemporary designs, Karim Rashid is a name that reverberates in every ear. Being a great connoisseur of the talented designer, I just can’t stop wowing over his new restaurant, The Switch in Dubai, U.A.E. … Continue reading

    Shanghai Corporate Pavilion: An eco friendly entry for the World Expo 2009

    If you are an environmentalist or have a keen eye for design, you will surely appreciate the architectural wonder that is the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion. Designed by Atelier Feichang Jianzhu, it is one of the hopeful designs to enter in … Continue reading

    Möbius strip design library for Kazhakstan

    Libraries are very rare these days. Since everything is online and even eBooks have replaced the nostalgic feeling of flipping through the pages. BIG Architects has unveiled a design for a new library to be built in Astana, Kazakhstan. It … Continue reading

    Eco-friendly, world’s tallest wooden building planned for Norway

    I have a friend who used to tell me that she wants to retire in a home that is built with wood next to a brook and I would ask her, what if a forest fire comes. Same is my … Continue reading

    German designers create the lavish Froschkönig tree house

    Luxury is no longer limited to just your lavish indoors. German designers have taken luxury to new heights (literally) with their unique project, the Froschkönig tree house. A design masterpiece, this amazing tree house is an architectural delight. Located in … Continue reading

    Russia Sochi sea development

    When people design, they kick some serious behinds. That’s the beauty of designing – you can make an entire virtual world and bring your imagination to life through all sorts of drawings, graphics etc. you will know why when you … Continue reading

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