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    Cakeland by Scott Hove

    Believe it or not this large delicious offering is not a giant cake factory but a display made from cardboards! Known as Cakeland by artist Scott Hove, this large sculpture is sure to fool anyone at first glance. The unique … Continue reading

  • UK all set to have a biomass plant

    The latest talk of the town is the British biomass power station which is yet a concept, but involves controversial environmental topics. The visually appealing Teesside plant is basically going to provide fuel to about 50000 homes, will be powered … Continue reading

    Taj Mahal Hotel added to list of ‘Buildings of Disaster’

    Constantin and Laurene Leon Boym, the designer couple have added to their contentious “Buildings of Disaster” sequence with a limited edition of bonded metal miniature of the Taj Mahal Hotel. This was done to remember the dreadful terrorist attacks which … Continue reading

    Mobile Living Module by Olga Kalugina

    Need a rest on the lap of nature, away from civilization? Olga Kalugina from Ekaterinburg, Russia has designed Bloom, the mobile living module working on renewed energy. Some parts of the module are developed from its outside, considerably increasing its … Continue reading

    Interesting fireplace to listen to old grandma tales

    A fireplace has amused me, reminding me of the times we would long for the bonfire to listen to old tales from our grandma. This interesting fireplace, rather a firehouse has been designed taking inspiration from the Norwegian turfs and … Continue reading

    Classroom turns from concept into reality

    A unique ‘concept’ classroom, designed by students from the University of Glamorgan, opened its doors on the Treforest campus this week, 10th December. Out of 27 student designs submitted, second year interior design student Luke Gillard’s design was selected as … Continue reading

    Skyscraper gets bird friendly

    Did you know that the tall skyscrapers are the major bird-killers and not the wind turbines? Yes, it’s true. The birds cannot see through the glass wall of the skyscrapers, because of which they dash right into it and kill … Continue reading

    Self Sustained Housing Module looks amazing

    This 3 x 9 meter off-the-grid housing module has been designed by Cannatá & Fernandes. This self-sustained house looks amazing and is very well structured. It is just a simple rectangular shaped long horizontal structure. It is made of concrete, … Continue reading

    Modern tree house with garden at each level

    We have so many skyscrapers and high rises that I’m tired seeing them now. Vertical expansion is the only solution in today’s space crunched world, so much so that I crave to live in a tree house in a forest … Continue reading

    Austrian engineer Markus Voglreiter his home to look like the car

    I love the VW Beetle. Never mind that it was designed by a tyrant it’s my dream to own one someday, somehow. But do you ever notice, no matter how much you may be a fan of something, there’s always … Continue reading

    Fluid Miami- Aerial Metro Station

    Architect David Tajchman has designed Fluid Miami- Aerial metro station in a concept proposal for a new station in downtown Miami. His design is meant to provide the city with an elevated public transport system situated on the north edge … Continue reading

    ‘Biscuit’ House by Pierre Minassian

    Nature and beauty are always easily associated with France. This house is a testimony of this fact too. Designed by architect Pierre Minassian right outside a small village near the French town of Lyon is a house that is 23m … Continue reading

    A classic Sailing Club in Italy by Progettospore

    You can always trust Italy to come up with extremely elegant and classic designs that are made to suit your level and caliber. A similar design has done by an Italian designer Progettospore, who has designed a sailing club in … Continue reading

    A cottage that is made of aluminum!

    Cottages, I always thought had to be made of wood. Even in books, as a kid I’d read about people living in small but warm cottages would often generate a feeling in me also to live in a cottage. But … Continue reading

    The WNW Bar in Vietnam is eco-friendly

    The Vietnamese architectural studio Vo Trang Nghia Co. Ltd have designed the WNW bar located in Vietnam. It is such an impressive and imposing structure. This model requires low cost materials, high speed construction and ease of transport which is … Continue reading

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