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    Structural Advantages of Using SIPS

    Quality should be the first thing you consider when choosing a panel to be used at home. When it comes to quality, SIP panels are the best choice. They are made from quality materials and you are guaranteed that they … Continue reading

  • This Dubai Hotel houses 75,000 sq ft of rainforest within it

    If there was a hotel that also packaged tours along with its dwelling facilities then the Rosemont Hotel and Residences couldn’t have it any easier. The Dubai-based hotel will house a rainforest within its premises and will pretty much offer … Continue reading

    Tetris House by Universe Architecture is ready for distribution

    Ever watched that piling mound of Tetris blocks and wondered if you could make a shape out of it all? Well, I did. But for those who want something a little more realistic for their taste there’s always some concept … Continue reading

    See through church is made of 30 tons weathered steel

    The foundation of this brilliantly constructed church may be made of concrete but the rest of it is constructed from a generous volume of weathered steel. 30 tones to be precise. The steel panels are stacked horizontally with deliberate gaps … Continue reading

    Greenland Tower Chengdu is inspired by glistening glaciers and looks like one too!

    If Superman ever gave up his day job as a journalist, moved to China and finally revealed his superhero identity, this is probably where he’d live. Called the Greenland Tower Chengdu, this structure is currently under construction and will soon … Continue reading

    China welcomes home an unconventionally graceful lotus-shaped building

    Conventional building structures that looked like cardboard boxes or LEGO structures are on their way out. Instead, cities have begun adopting out-of-the-box designs for buildings that lend a hand in aesthetic beauty and make life less conforming. Melbourne-based architecture firm … Continue reading

    Austrian architects create a one-of-a-kind zig-zag building façade

    Flat facades are boring. Instead of settling for these, Love Architecture and Urbanism came up with this concept façade that’ll make just about any multi-floored structure eye-catching and awesome! Based in Graz, the architects came up with this façade to … Continue reading

    Palazzo Italia building sports a web-like green façade

    There is a reason no one around has commissioned Spider Man to design a building off-late. If they did, the Palazzo Italia is probably what they’d get at the end of it all. Designed by Nemesi & Partners, the building’s … Continue reading

    Ribbon Chapel is a beautiful romantic Chapel located in Japan

    Emerging out from the trees like a criss cross spiral stairs that delicately meet at the top is the Ribbon Chapel, a new wedding venue designed by architect Hiroshi Nakamura. Located at the Seto Inland Sea Resort in Japan, this … Continue reading

    Dreamy Camera Café is a South Korean café shaped like a vintage camera

    Here’s a camera that you simply wouldn’t be able to take a selfie with, unless you’re super-powered that is. Called the Dreamy Camera Café, this structure is actually a building disguised to look like a vintage rolleiflex twin lens camera … Continue reading

    Macau welcomes home the state-of-the-art City of Dreams Hotel Tower

    Now that most cities around the world can’t really expand horizontally, thanks to space crunches and population bursts, they’ve begun expanding vertically, with towers and skyscrapers. Joining the ranks of buildings brushing the sky is this spectacular structure designed and … Continue reading

    Vadodara Central Bus Station concept in India makes travel luxurious!

    Bus stations more often than not are designed for their utility, more than their looks. However, this bus station design that could soon find a home in India is a step apart from the rest. Designed for the city of … Continue reading

    China shows of a wheat-field-inspired pavilion for Milan Expo 2015

    The Chinese have a way of making heads turn with some pretty astounding designs that they’ve presented to humankind since forever. Most recently, two Chinese design schools joined hands to create China’s Pavilion that will feature at the Milan Expo … Continue reading

    Floating villages could soon play home to mankind!

    For all of you whining about the fact that superyachts aren’t as big as you’d like them to be, get a hold of this! Dutch engineering and urban development company DeltaSync recently rethought the way modern-day settlements are built and … Continue reading

    Beautique Hotel Figueira, a hotel built around a fig tree

    While the rest of the world has been cutting down trees to make way for structures capable of human inhabitation, Lisbon-based design studio Nini Andrade Silva thinks differently. The studio unveiled a breathtaking design of a hotel designed around the … Continue reading

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