• Tornado-proof home that sinks into the ground developed by 10 Design

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    Tornados aren’t new and these twisters have destroyed property, taken lives and wrecked havoc before. The “Game Changers” program sponsored by Samsung Galaxy S4, recently saw the unveiling of a unique home design that could protect people in the event of a natural disaster as such. Based in Hong Kong, the architecture firm 10 Design is keen on developing a tornado-proof home and has shown off the designs of one of its concepts.

    The home is small, expensive and built completely out of concrete, all of which will lend to the fact that it can save lives in the event of a tornado. While these twisters usually occur in low population areas, they do cause significant damage, all of which can be prevented with homes like these. Sporting a hydraulic arm, the home sinks into the ground when tornados are a threat and sits flat inside till the danger has passed, keeping the people living inside safe and sound.


    [Via – Businessinsider]

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