• Tiny eight-foot cube home built following the principals of Feng Shui, by SpaceFlavor

  • Homes do not necessarily be need to be sprawling. With a little ingenuity and architectural brilliance, a full-fledged home can very well be packed inside the tightest of spaces, like this living space created by San Francisco architectural firm SpaceFlavor for Feng Shui expert Liu Ming. Built keeping the norms of Feng Shui in mind, this eight-foot cube is a tightly squeezed home that simply doesn’t compromise on comfort. Packing an office, a bed, storage space and room to meditate, this little home is designed on the principals of Yin (private and closed) and Yang (public and open) and is mobile. Sporting a steel frame and plywood furnishings, this little home features a loft-like design with the staircase’s underbelly working as storage. Complete with four corner wheels and making use of natural lighting to the maximum, this inspiring living space is a revolution in home design.


    Topics: Building Tags: on September 5, 2012
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