• This Dubai Hotel houses 75,000 sq ft of rainforest within it

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    If there was a hotel that also packaged tours along with its dwelling facilities then the Rosemont Hotel and Residences couldn’t have it any easier. The Dubai-based hotel will house a rainforest within its premises and will pretty much offer guests something they wouldn’t dream of finding in the desert land. The hotel has announced that it will host a 75,000 square foot rainforest with a manmade beach and a splash pool with steam that will use recycled and treated water. The two-tower complex will surely have a massive area to manage something this ambitious. Designed by ZAS Architects Dubai, guests will also be treated to sky lobbies and an edgeless pool with a glass bottom that overlooks the Gulf.

    The Rosemont Hotel and Residences in Dubai will add innovation to the way they serve their guests as well. Robotic luggage handlers seem to be in the staff list for now. The construction of this exquisite hotel is expected to be completed by April 2018.

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