• The rotating pavilion, Multi Mill combines an outdoor catwalk, a cinema, and a theater

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    Pavilions were never made to be rotating, until now, probably because no-one really thought of a concept like that. The NL Architects came up with a design for a new entertainment venue in Amsterdam’s Madison Square Garden. An outdoor catwalk, a cinema, and a theater in one, this one sure as hell doesn’t look like any pavilion we’ve come across before. To be built at the harbor, this cultural meeting place is indeed innovative in design, taken that it makes use of space efficiently, without too much of space hogging. At a touch of a button, the entire pavilion spins, to have a backdrop change. Known as the Multi Mill, this one took the first prize in a design competition too.

    So if the models walking down the ramp don’t interest you too much, just spin around and watch the movie being shown instead. After all, we all love a little choice in entertainment, spinning or not.

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