• The Office Pod for your backyard by Manuel Villa and Alberto González

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    There are a few lucky individuals on the face of this earth who have the utmost pleasure of working from home. No corporate mess ups or dress codes, no annoying boss peeking down at your work, and no flirty colleagues trying to grab you attention. Some of them set up offices in their backyards too! And this one’s just for them, the Office Pod, by Manuel Villa with the help of architect Alberto González. Built in the back of a family home in Bogota, Columbia, the 7.5 meter office space is polyhedron-shaped with a pine-wood interior and a front deck made of teak.

    This one indeed is a great place to work, especially when that study of yours gets to shabby and stuffy and you need a bit of natural inspiration added to your work.

    Topics: Building Tags: on August 9, 2010

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