• The Life Cube, an inflatable temporary residence for the disaster hit

  • Life Cube.jpgPlaces hit with disasters face a load of problems, mainly food supply, water supply and temporary living spaces. The Life Cube’s here to make it a bit easier. An inflatable tent of sorts, the Life Cube is ideal for places like these and can be quickly set up in about five minutes. It packs and tucks in everything essential required, including food, water, a battery, lights, radio, solar trickle charger and enough space to rest. For now, the Life Cube hasn’t really been used in disaster scenarios. Though, the company does hope it will be in future, and expect Red Cross to give it a look soon.

    This just goes to show how a bit of designing mixed with innovation and a sincere thought to help can create a life-saver like the Life Cube!

    Topics: Building Tags: on September 22, 2010

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