• The Hostation, a bus-stop integrating a capsule hotel

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    Capsule hotels aren’t really uncommon. Though one, located on the top of a bust stop sure seems out of ordinary. No longer would you need to spend a night at the bust-stop out, uncomfortable and cold with the Hostation around. You can now snuggle into one of these capsules instead, built just for overnight stays. Card keys can be purchased at airports, train stations and tourist bureaus too! The capsules of the Hostation are well equipped for your comfort and include everything from storage rooms, ventilation and heating systems and a bath area accompanying the four capsules.

    The capsules measure a diameter of 1.3 meters with a length of 2 meters. To power them up, photovoltaic panels on the roof soak in the suns energy. A better place to spend the night just incase you miss the last bus home, the Hostation.

    Topics: Building Tags: on September 20, 2010

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