• The Fab Lab House produces three times more energy than it consumes by IAAC

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    Now if we’d have to come across this one in the dead of the night, we’d probably scare our pants off into thinking it’s a space ship. Well it hardly is anything near to extra terrestrial. It’s a home and an extremely green one too! By the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), the Fab Lab house shows us just how well a person can live in harmony with nature and the environment. This home, unlike any other we’ve seen before generates more energy than it actually consumes, around three times more that is. Besides producing energy, the orchid it houses also provides food. Taking into consideration the usability of wind and solar energy, this house took shape.

    You can live in one of these lovely eco-friendly and environment-loving homes if you’ve got 45.000 € and upwards, which is the price at which the smallest of these models will cost.

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