• The OLS House ‘somewhat’ resembles a dinosaur’s head, right?

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    We’ve been waiting for something like this all along, or have we? Well, nevertheless, this house seems pretty cool and we wouldn’t mind setting up our place of residence in it. Called the OLS House, this residence was designed by architectural studio J. Mayer H. and is located near Stuttgart, Germany. From the blueprint, the house was meant to look like a dinosaur head. What it did end up looking like after it was built however, doesn’t really replicate a prehistoric animal.

    That doesn’t keep this residence from being one of the coolest we’ve featured here before. Designed with large windows and painted white to give it a modernistic feel, also the cause of which it certainly doesn’t resemble a dinosaur, the OLS House has a small driveway too and features ambient lighting inside. Check out the pictures we’ve picked out for you to know more!






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