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    Ever watched that piling mound of Tetris blocks and wondered if you could make a shape out of it all? Well, I did. But for those who want something a little more realistic for their taste there’s always some concept art or the other. In this case, Universe Architecture have a ready-to-distribute house that is actually based on the Tetris block idea. Each module of the house has been design in a manner where it can link with the other module. That way you can design and customize your own home by simply adding these dwelling blocks together. How cool is that? The exteriors are much too transparent for our taste but the idea of having a modular home that can be scaled and expanded based on any random whim. So, if on one fine day you decide that your bedroom needs a balcony just speak the word and voila, you’ll have one attached as if it were adding a swing.

    The idea of the Tetris House can revolutionize the way architects and decorators approach new home designs. We’re more than welcoming to this thought.







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