• Swamp Huts, beautifully designed huts with aesthetically pleasing interiors

  • We’ve never seen a hut look so good, honestly. Designed and well executed by Moskow Linn Architects, the Swamp Hut is basically a compound compromising of four little huts connected to each other located in Newton, Massachusetts. These huts aren’t anything like what you’d expect a hut to normally though, and boasts some pretty beautifully and thoughtfully designed interiors. Built around a central deck that connects these to each other, these huts provide for a design for community living, with the central deck working as a great place for some fun around a healthy crackling fire!

    A good design for some outdoor fun too, these huts would work just great at camp sites too, providing for pre-built places to live in the outdoors.


    Topics: Building Tags: on April 28, 2011
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