• SuperKraken a Marine Odyssey for children to enjoy

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    The SuperKraken is a concept developed for Brazilian Alcoa Innovation Competition. It showcases a concept where children frolic in a carefree environment. Designed by NotuDesigns, the idea incorporates a play are that thrives on the imagination of the child using it. Taking influence from the marine world, the play equipments reflect the ocean creatures that one would encounter deep sea. The SuperKraken also features a geodesic dome made from polycarbonate plates that are coated with anti-UV films that protect the tots from harmful sun’s rays while they play. Offering a safe and secure environment where parents can leave their children to discover a whole new world while playing, this concept will win adulations from the kids the most.


    Topics: Building Tags: on August 25, 2008
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      Geetu Gupta

      Contributing Editors