• Structural Advantages of Using SIPS

  • Quality should be the first thing you consider when choosing a panel to be used at home. When it comes to quality, SIP panels are the best choice. They are made from quality materials and you are guaranteed that they will last for a long time. This is just one of the many advantages of using these structural insulated panels. Here are some more.

    Outstanding strength to weight ratio
    The problem with traditional panels is that they are extremely heavy and difficult to install, but they are not as strong as modern SIPS. When you opt for these panels, the installation time is faster. They are made from softwood. The materials are easy to handle. In no time, the installation will be over. Despite the thinness and lightness, these panels are guaranteed to be tough and will last for a long time.

    Strong and secure
    These panels are installed in such a way that each panel is strongly connected with the other panels. As a result, they share the stress and load, making them even stronger and more durable. Compared with timber frames, SIPS are expected to be 7 times stronger.

    Panel interlocks are tight
    The panels are interlocked. During the installation, they are securely attached to each other which makes them impervious to water and mould.

    Inner core remains tough
    The inner core of the panels is also expected to stay tough for a long time. It is made from polyurethane which does not deteriorate. This guarantees that the panels will last a long time.

    Minimal cold bridging is guaranteed
    The problem with cold bridging is that it easily changes the temperature. You might have just turned the heating device off and it suddenly becomes too cold. This will not happen when you use these panels as they have minimal cold bridging. It takes time for the temperature to change. Heat is also well-distributed throughout the house.

    Fire resistant
    If strength is not enough of a reason to choose these panels, you might also be glad to know that they are fire resistant. This is due to the internal finish used along with the plasterboard which has fire resistant qualities.

    No additional support is required
    These panels alone are already tough enough. There is no need for additional support just so you will have the guarantee that they will stay in place.

    The best choice
    Given these structural advantages, you should definitely use SIPS. You might feel hesitant at first due to the cost of the materials along with the installation. Once you see and experience the benefits, you will realise that it is worth the price; add to that the amount that you will save as you no longer pay the same high amount for electric bills.

    Just look at the best SIPS suppliers and installers so you can get started now. Again, you have the guarantee that they will last for a long time, so you should not hesitate to use them.

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