• Shanghai Corporate Pavilion: An eco friendly entry for the World Expo 2009

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    If you are an environmentalist or have a keen eye for design, you will surely appreciate the architectural wonder that is the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion. Designed by Atelier Feichang Jianzhu, it is one of the hopeful designs to enter in the World Expo 2010 in China. What is impressive about this piece and what we think is one feature that will give it an edge above others is the fact that this pavilion building is composed of thousands of plastic tubes made from used CD cases. A green building, its exterior structure is composed of hundreds of polycarbonate transparent recycled plastic tubes formed into a grid-like matrix. Recycled from used CD cases, the polycarbonate tubes will be able to be recycled again at the end of the building’s life. Multi-colored LED’s will be fitted in the exterior and will be controlled by a computer to light up and give the building a unique appearance.

    Energy will be collected through a 1,600 sq meter solar thermal energy system of heat collecting tubes on the roof. This system heats water up to 95ºF that will be used to generate electricity through ultra-low temperature power generation. This energy will be used for the both the exposition as well as every day power needs. An additional misting system promises to give this structure a unique dream-like appearance. The mist and some water use inside the building will come from collected rainwater, which will be treated for sedimentation and then filtered and stored. This mist will not only give a unique appearance but also help lower the temperature, purify the air and create a comfortable climate.
    Definitely one of the most unique eco-friendly designs I have come across in a long time, the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion is sure to be the show stopper at the World Expo.

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