• Self-sufficient futuristic housing concept by Charles L Owen

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    Designer Charles L Owen has offered his vision of futuristic homes or homes for the year 2050 through his unique concept futuristic house. What is unique about this futuristic concept house is that it is a complete housing system that has been designed to respond to the global change. The home would not only be economically self sufficient but also environmentally efficient anticipating the climate change in the future. The designer’s house is smaller than most of today’s homes and is made of modular four meters square that can be organized in any arrangement. The interior is equipped with the most high-tech features like walls that are equipped with nanotechnology that reveal the outside view or even project real-time scenery from the national park. The self sufficient house creates energy from from sunlight, recycling water, producing food and many more. Keeping in mind dark days or no wind situations, the house has been kept connected with the main grid.

    Given the changing climate and increasing population, the designer is sure this type of futuristic housing is most apt for the future generations.
    Via – [Greenlaunches]

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