• Revolutionary in design, the 9 Hours Capsule Hotel

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    A holiday is an experience that comes once in a blue moon in a busy individual’s life full of schedules. And making the most of a holiday means that the enjoyment levels need to be pushed above the top, be it a waterfront resort or living amongst clouds. Well, the best way to experience a great holiday is living in a hotel that’s different and doesn’t confirm to the usual design layouts we usually come across and live in. one such hotel with a difference is the 9 Hours Capsule Hotel whose veil was pulled of by Tokyo-based Cubic Corp in collaboration with designer Fumie Shibata of Design Studio S. basically a hotel with extremely small rooms, a capsule hotel like the 9 Hours can be found in Japan, wherein the “room” is just big enough for a person to sleep. More like a bunk actually.

    Living in a little capsule might not seem the ideal vacation for a person who chooses to confirm to the usual suite norms. Though for those who just love trying out new things, this revolutionary hotel is just the place to be!

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