• Rest your tired feet in Dream and Fly’s micro-hotels

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    Hotel rooms are meant to be places away from home where you can rest, shower and freshen up before you set out again. That doesn’t hold for those on vacations though. Here’s a design for a hotel room that will satisfy all your needs and remain compact. By Dream and Fly, these compact rooms or miniature hotel rooms are ideal for train stations, airports and the likes, where space crunches usually show up. The Simple Bubble room is five square meters and has no bathroom while the Single Bubble boasts seven square meters with an en-suite. The Family Bubble on the other hand measures around ten square meters and includes a cot too. Complete with a LCD screen, newspapers and a lot of storage space, these could just be the ideal place to rest your tired bones on a long journey!


    Topics: Building Tags: on September 21, 2010

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