• Pavilion Puur draws inspiration from barracks and hills!

  • Netherlands-based Emma Architecten recently unveiled this tribute to the historic Amsterdam defense line at Fort Diemerdam, christened the Pavilion Puur. A project that’ll play home to education and social events, the Pavilion Puur is reminiscent of the rolling hills and the bumpy landscape that surrounds it. The building also follows the old law ‘kringenwet’ that requires all buildings erected within firing distance of cannons to be made of wood!

    And that’s not all. The Pavilion Puur also is draws inspiration from bunkers with its entry level sunken 60 centimeters below ground level. The entire structure is supported by steel while glass walls allow observers a peek inside this extremely well-crafted Pavilion.


    Topics: Building Tags: on November 8, 2012
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