• Organically shaped home powered by solar energy, the Fab Lab House

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    One thing’s for sure. We really never figured this one to really be a complete home at first look. Designed by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, the organically shaped Fab Lab House somewhat reminded us of a zeppelin air ship, all ready for take off from a distance. On a closer look, this structure in Spain turned out to be a house! And yes, it’s as eco-friendly as a house can get, complete with every architectural tweak to help make it green. Packed with solar panels on the roof, the house costs a total of around €45,000 (approximately $58,000) and is available in different sizes, Cabin, Shelter, Studio, House and Villa. The solar panels decrease its dependency on grid energy and make it a lot more eco-friendly with renewable energy use.

    A clean green way to live indeed, the Fab Lab House is having all the attention it needs and already has several takers and bookings!

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