• Old water tower refurbished into a swank and stylish modern home

  • We love the idea of recycling, refurbishing and reusing, and this recent home we stumbled across has left us jaw-dropped and completely awed. In essence an old water tower magically transformed into a one-of-a-kind bachelor pad, this 6-storey residence packs an indoor swimming pool too and is snugly located in the middle of a forest. Located in Antwerp, Belgium, this radical transformation was conceived by Belgian architect, Jo Crepain from Crepain Binst Architecture, and is now called the Woning Moereels. Designed to give the illusion of a lantern in a forest, this beautiful home with its semi-transparent-walls is the type we’d expect a mysterious vigilante to live in.


    Topics: Building Tags: on September 4, 2012
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