• Minimalist home in New York, a subtle reminder of the space age

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    Ever dreamed of living in the space age? Well, maybe you won’t have robots brining you your breakfast in bed, or a sofa that talks back to you and massages you, though this minimalist apartment design sure takes you ahead, into a luxury suit in a space-craft. By Marshall Dash, this apartment in New York yells out minimalist aloud. With milk-white furniture and just about everything white, the apartment tucks in all its essentials, leaving loads of free space to help you breathe and live free. Not everyone fancies those cluttered and stuffed in apartments. A few like them bigger and with loads of free space, just like this one.

    Well renovated and with the perfect amount of lighting, color and furniture, this minimalist home is a great example for those looking to design their own cribs similarly.

    Topics: Building Tags: on February 14, 2011

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