• Living on the water isn’t so much of a dream anymore, with houseboats around

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    Who cares about land value when you could live in the water instead! No we aren’t dreaming of Atlantis or the likes. We’re talking about house-boats! Architects from Germany, Rost Niderehe, came up with these floating homes located on the Eilbek canal in Hamburg. Now living on a boat hasn’t been closer to home before. The upper deck has enough space for public use, which is also the entrance to these homes. The lower decks include the private spaces, work, living rooms and bedrooms. Using materials like steel and wood for construction, this home can be moved around with the help of tugs.

    We’re just unsure about what happens to that glass of wine you’ve set upon the table if the canal gets a little wavy during stormy weather. An anchor? Probably!

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