• Living in a wooden flying saucer, the Domespace disk-shaped wind-resistant home

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    The Eco Habitat zone at the recent Viv’expo exhibition in Bordeaux played host to the Domespace, a walk-in cutaway model of a rotating wooden house built on a concrete pedestal designed aerodynamically. This one stands up in cyclonic winds of up to 174mph (280kph) without too much of a hassle. At first look, you’d just think E.T. has finally decided to come back to earth, abandoning his awesome spaceship. This hardly is an alien mode of transport though. The Domespace also hosts a designer fireplace inside and is constructed using FSC-certified (or equivalent) wood, including spruce beams, red cedar roof, cork or pulped wood insulation and plywood or oriented strand board.

    The only bad touch to this one is the sound it creates during rains. Living in the Domespace during rains is like trying to nap with a vessel on your head and someone pouring a jet of water from above. This one boasts externally fitted solar panels too, to generate some green energy.

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