• Living in a UFO, uniquely shaped home by Takeshi Hirobe

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    Now we’ve seen some pretty astounding home designs before. Here’s one for those who fancy the extra-terrestrial, a UFO-shaped house. Now it really isn’t a disk though it does seem like ET’s spaceship from an angle. The other side of this distinctively designed home is open out and boasts a strategic set of approaches to provide privacy on the public side of the building. The private side of the home opens out to a breath-taking view of the sea. Located in Japan, the residence by Takeshi Hirobe makes use of wooden boards and beams and packs indirect skylights for natural daylight and artificial –illusion-creating lighting for the darker hours. The house doesn’t stick to the conformist designing of windows, choosing the weird and extra-ordinary instead.

    This one sure isn’t taking off too soon and pretty much isn’t a “flying-object”. It does seem to be a great place to reside in though, for those who love the unique.

    Topics: Building Tags: on September 27, 2010

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